Crypto Twitter Defends Bitcoin Following Elon Musk’s New Tweets | CryptoGazette

Crypto Twitter Defends Bitcoin Following Elon Musk’s New Tweets | CryptoGazette

Elon Musk is playing with the crypto market again. He dropped a new tweet about Bitcoin that led to another sellout.

Check out the message he shared below.

Following this tweet, people started selling again and crypto Twitter went ballistic. Justin Sun hopped in the comments and posted this:

Someone said: ‘Let him come out and declare how much bitcoin both him and tesla have ..let the market price it in and lets reset the elon musk influence on the market…so he can go back to work on his spacex and tesla!!!! His effect is dwindling fast!!!!’

Anthony Pompliano also hopped in the comments and said:

Someone else posted this:

Bitcoin optimistic predictions

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red and the king coin is priced at $36,717.79.

Despite the movements of the crypto market, Bitcoin predictions are getting steamier.

During a new interview on The Wolf of All Streets podcast, Keiser said that massive money printing and fresh signs of inflation will force companies to increasingly buy BTC this year.

He also said that corporations are taking part in this boosting BTC move and the buying spree will lead to a rise in the price of BTC by 500%.

“When corporate America really runs out of room to finagle and to escape the Bitcoin reality, they’ve got to make the move. I think it happens in 2021. My price target for 2021 is still $220,000 per Bitcoin. It’s an aggressive price target, but it’s based on the US dollar running into severe trouble.”

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