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I don’t like most of the crypto YouTubers out there, for the same reasons most other people don’t like them. A ton of hype, coin shilling, and ridiculous price targets that are just meant to pump a coin or the market without even a slight basis of reality.

That being said, I know there are a handful of decent ones out there that provide solid educational information on projects or TA that can be useful, and I wouldn’t mind knowing what reliable sources people have found out there.

One that I like is Benjamin Cowen. He’s an intelligent guy that has a no hype approach, with a serious focus on TA. You can tell the guy is passionate about what he does, and sharing his knowledge seems more important to him than growing his channel. When he does offer price or market estimates, they are realistic with sound logic built into them. You may disagree with his numbers, but you can’t argue that he is taking a sound and reasonable approach to how he’s getting there.

Here’s his latest video, as an example of what he does:

So, that’s one of mine…please share one you like or trust, with some reasons why. I’d like to check them out for my own research, and I’m sure others here would like to also!


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  1. These are the ones I usually watch: What Happened To Common Sense (only lives, best shit around imo), JRNY Crypto, Crypto Tips, Benjamin Cowen (great for tech analysis), Crypto Casey, Rex Kneisley (great for wallet tutorials and how to use exchanges) and a few others.

    Just be sure to avoid Bitboy Scammer and retarded thumbnails with googly eyes and rockets and you will be fine.

  2. One of the lesser known ones I like to watch is Coin Trades (only 15k subs). He does decent TA and doesn’t shill or try to sell you any courses, e-mail lists, merch etc. and most importantly doesn’t do stupid thumbnail faces.

    If you don’t mind that he ocassionally does TA on Doge as well, give it a try.

  3. Mrsotko is a great crypto youtuber. No pump and dumps found here. Just great news, commentary, and tutorials….eh it was worth a shot since ive never been mentioned in these posts.



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