Cryptocurrencies leading passive income assets globally!

Cryptocurrencies leading passive income assets globally!

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  1. Silly article considering the staking rewards whilst high are tied to the price of the coin.

    So you could be getting rewards for a coin worth 100 dollars one minute and a year later it’s worth 10.

    Only Stablecoin rewards are relevant.

  2. Man, unless you trust the coin would appreciate in value, it’s a dangerous game to stake the coins that could be worth much less in the bear market and put yourself in a hole too deep to dig yourself out of.

  3. I have some savings in an ISA that I am planning on not investing into BTC/Eth etc until the next bear market incase I miss time the top. Would I be better off converting it into a stable coin and staking it on or the like? Is there anything I should be aware of if I do this?



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