Cryptocurrency debit/credit cards for Europe?

Does anyone have good experiences/recommendations with companies that provide a crypto debit/credit card of some sort in Europe?

This is what has drawn me to []( in the first place over 6 months ago, but I don’t have much good to say about them so far. While the app is nice, i’ve been waiting for over 6 months for the card to arrive (still hasn’t shipped) and the support is to put it mildly: atrocious.

The fact that the subreddit is now filled to the brim with moonboys and shills doesn’t do it much good either and really makes me want to run for the hills and look for an alternative.

So what other providers do you guys recommend right now? And yes I know you can withdraw your funds through coinbase but to be honest it is quite a hassle to do so and I would much rather have a way of spending it directly than pay a lot of transaction/exchange/withdrawal fees.

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  1. Coinbase debit card. Never had a problem and the App works great. Been using it for a few years now buying stuff in shops with bitcoin. Use it mainly in the Netherlands but have been using it in Italy and Canada when on vacation there. Full KYC of course, no privacy.

  2. Check out 2gether. They’re a small-ish company out of Spain but I’ve heard their card (Visa debit) is quite good. You can get up to 5% cash back depending on how much of the utility token you own. Currently much more affordable than the []( loyalty tiers. I think you could get 3% back with like a 1000 EUR bag size of 2GT.



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