Cryptocurrency Users Increased More Than 60% Since May 2020

Cryptocurrency Users Increased More Than 60% Since May 2020

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  1. I’m one of them. Actually I bought at the peak in 2017 then ran away. I can now probably say I’ve bought both peaks lol. Let’s just hope this peak keeps peaking! I also didn’t sell what I bought in 2017

  2. After the madness of 2018 and how much I lost on shitcoins I didn’t want to hear about them ever again.

    Thing is, I’ve come full circle. I’m better at finding the shittiest of shitcoins than ever before.

  3. [The original survey that the article refers to]( offers some interesting insights! Two things are quite important:

    1.) 35% of all estimated users do not own either BTC or ETH. Comparing the numbers with the 2017 might show the overall trust & confidence placed in altcoins and how it increased/decreased over time.

    2.) Among all users, 89% of users use one or more exchange. This data point is important because it shows that cryptocurrencies, thought of as a tool to decentralize finance and commerce, are actually very much tied to centralized structures.

  4. I think these numbers will increase exponantially in the next few years. And if there will be some ETF on Cryptos the prices/marcetcap will arise and more and more people will get on the boat. This is a journey i’m glad to be part of.

  5. I for sure am one of them too (like a lot of the posts). Had coins in 2017, took a break during the bear market. Popped in every now and then and got active again after the subreddit started getting more daily users again!



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