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In addition to the already established iGaming brand, Gamblers Connect, LDM brings you the ultimate crypto hub, Understanding that crypto is pretty much the new gold rush is imperative in the quest for perfection for CryptoGoldie. Meaning that the guys from Link Data Media recognize the need to create a modern news outlet that will directly challenge even the most prominent media houses in the business. In order to guarantee this, learning everything there is about crypto and blockchain technology is simply not enough. In fact, it takes a special breed of experts to lead the way into the new crypto-era. And this is where the LDM professionals come into play

For one, all of the skills and experience that are a trademark for Link Data Media transfer accordingly to CryptoGoldie. This means following the strict set of universal trading guidelines and knowing all of the unwritten laws that make for the crypto scene to run smoothly. These rules are a product of the LDM’s financial team’s relentless research, and mainly thanks to a prior involvement in several high-end professional media outlet business ventures. Consequently, making it easy for CryptoGoldie to gain access to transparent, real-time news and high-quality media. 

Consequently, being able to produce and drop top-quality news 24/7 is absolutely crucial in the crypto game. And that is just one of the areas of the game where the CryptoGoldie team excels.

Est. in 2021, you may notice that CryptoGoldie is one of the ‘youngest’ in the business. However, that is exactly why the CryptoGoldie team is so productive and united. In fact, prior to releasing CryptoGoldie, LDM was meticulously studying the crypto market for quite some time. Only by learning from the other websites mistakes, you can create a complete product with every modern trading feature possible. Well, that is the case with CryptoGoldie. The experts from LDM took extra time to literally learn about every gimmick and trick that make for a successful website in the crypto-world.

That is in addition to them spending countless days relentlessly tuning the CryptoGoldie platform. Which we must say is a result of integrating simplicity and every bit of knowledge that their team has gathered over the years. In order to provide the ultimate experience, LDM combined those features with a state of the art web design. Something that wouldn’t be possible without fully committing themselves to the crypto game. This is also why LDM waited for so long to release CryptoGoldie. Eventually realizing that perfect timing is as equally important as a perfect product.

Consequently, thanks to the ability to apply every drop of knowledge, today CryptoGoldie is one of the fastest-growing crypto websites on the scene. Regardless if you are looking to catch up with the latest crypto news, or want to invest in the hottest digital coins. At the end of the day, CryptoGoldie specializes in providing the utmost professional blockchain technology service, always punctual and transparent.

But that is not all! You will also find our unique crypto reviews, some of the best crypto exchanges, upcoming and promising ICO protocols, DeFi news and info, unique how to trade guides and much, much more. And since the guys are up-to-date with all of the trends, including the latest craze – NFTs, CryptoGoldie is also packing an entirely separate non-fungible token section. Which we may add is specifically created for you to find only the utmost important and valuable information about non-fungible tokens.

We definitely recommend you give CryptoGoldie a visit. You will immediately find that the clean website layout and high-quality news are just a small part of the overall excellence that CryptoGoldie has a reputation for. And consequently, why does it manage to climb the ranking ladder so quickly, in such a short little time.

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