Cryptonovae’s $YAE Expands to BSC via DuckBridge


Eight months after the launch of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), crypto trading platform Cryptonovae has expanded to the new and trending blockchain network, which allows for cross-platform trading and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Done with the help of the recently launched cross-chain platform DuckBRIDGE, users can efficiently convert their Ethereum tokens to Binance token without any hassles.

Cryptonovae has been at the forefront of the revolution that aims to create an all-inclusive crypto trading platform, offering smooth access for users to both centralized and decentralized exchange platforms. While DuckBRIDGE will be taking a transfer fee of 0.3 percent off each transaction, users are allowed a daily limit of 500,000 $YAE (Cryptonovae).

Cryptonovae’s $YAE Expands to BSC via DuckBridge

All this has been made possible by the combination of high-end crypto technologies. For instance, Cryptonovae or $YAE has been listed on the PancakeSwap, allowing instant conversion to Binance or $BNB.

There is also the benefit of additional liquidity for each user once they connect their web3 wallets (browser added to the regular self-custody wallet enabling the usage of decentralized apps) to DuckBRIDGE and MetaMask wallet to BNC.

This allowance of open cross-chain trading is vital to a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem, which will in the future enable users to have the freedom to choose or convert cryptos of their choice! For example, the BNC launched by the Binance Chain community enhances the decentralized finance revolution, increasing interest by the public in alternative financial solutions powered by blockchain.

With Cryptonovae coming onboard BNC, the stage is set for a new era of crypto trading, with the power resting in the hands of users, who now benefit from such blockchain technologies to convert or shift between currencies as they please. Will this be the future of crypto trading? Let’s wait and watch.

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