Cypherpunk Sanctorium (Bitcoin art nominated for Best NFT)

Earlier this week, I shared my latest animated works here on r/bitcoin, which also released Monday November 9th on NiftyGateway as a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Cypherpunk Sanctorium, the piece I personally consider strongest of the three was created as a way to visually explore and show others the reasons cypherpunks had for creating the technologies leading to Bitcoin‘s creation. This animated artwork has been nominated for [best art NFT,]( which can be voted for with 1 easy click [here](

[Cypherpunk Sanctorium by Lucho Poletti (nominated best art NFT)](

>Set in a futuristic, cyberpunk-styled metropolis, Cypherpunk Sanctorium explores Bitcoin’s role in providing users privacy and censorship resistance. This animated piece follows the main character on his journey to freedom of money and features my newly created “Andro Satoshi” character as the centerpiece, 21 of my artworks animated on tv screens and plastered on building walls, and a tribute to 6 prominent cypherpunks who developed the technologies which lead to Bitcoin’s creation.

**For more on these artworks, see:**

My [art blog with a full write-up and explanation of the creative process]( for the animations.

The full [Novus Moneta Seclorum collection by Lucho Poletti]( on Nifty Gateway.

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