Da Vinci Capital Reportedly Requests $100 Million from Telegram for TON’s Failure

Da Vinci Capital Reportedly Requests $100 Million from Telegram for TON's Failure

A large investor in Telegram’s failed Open Network (TON) has reportedly requested $100 million in compensation from the company. Otherwise, the investor – Da Vinci Capital – has warned with taking legal actions against the messaging platform.

TON Investor Demands $100M

Telegram’s TON initiative was among the most widely-discussed blockchain-related projects in the past few years. However, the endeavor faced almost immediate backlash from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a US court decided at one point that the native currency – GRAMS – is a security token, which couldn’t be sold in the US or anywhere else.

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Telegram attempted on multiple occasions to fight the court’s decision and to prove that GRAMS is not a security. However, to no avail and Pavel Durov, the company’s CEO ultimately had to throw the towel by saying that “Telegram’s active involvement with TON is over.”

Although the company has distanced itself from the failed blockchain project, the problems keep following it, according to a recent report by Forbes Russia. Citing anonymous people familiar with the matter, the coverage said that Da Vinci Capital, an investor in the $1.7 billion initial coin offering, has requested compensation for TON’s failure.

Lawyers from the Moscow-based investment company have reportedly sent a letter of intent to file a claim to Durov, Telegram Vice President Ilya Perekopsky, and other executives and lawyers involved with the project.
The report says that Da Vinci Capital had demanded roughly $100 million as compensation.

Two Weeks to Answer

Forbes’ coverage further explained that Durov and his colleagues have two weeks to transfer the funds or notify the lawyers from the investment company if they decide to reject it.

However, if Telegram fails to answer in the provided timeframe, Da Vinci Capital has the right to take the matter to court.

Apart from these allegations, Telegram recently negotiated funding round to raise at least $1 billion in a private bond placement to accredited investors from Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Those bondholders would be able to convert debt into shares at a 10% discount to the offering price if Telegram decides to go public in the next five years, revealed the conditions of the round.


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