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  1. Forget about the US dollar, it’s losing value as we speak. Inflation is real. The market increase in $ means nothing if the prices of goods and services going up too.

    Bitcoiners need their own Consumer Price Index that includes real estate prices.

  2. I have a few questions that I’d love some answers on.

    1. How was the genesis block of bitcoin mined? I know it was done using the software, but I don’t understand what was done since there would have been no activity on the network prior.
    2. Was mining the genesis block a quick process? The domain was registered August 2008, and the whitepaper published at the end of October, but the first block wasn’t mined until January 3rd. Presumably, there was some development done during this time, but I’m assuming the reason for the delay was more likely by choice, especially given the headline from The Times embedded in the block.
    3. Who were the first business/services to start accepting Bitcoin? I know the EFF and Wikileaks both start accepting bitcoin donations in 2011. Were there any before this?

  3. I have a dream… that one day they’ll be no more banks and your salary will be paid directly into your digital wallet. That loans, mortgages and insurance will be arranged through smart contracts and the concept of a sovereign currency will be consigned to history.

    Could a dream like that become reality?

  4. I lost two hundred usdt today because I hit a wrong button and didn’t notice it placed a 20x order that got margin liquidated- so sadness ensued. It was my play around money and now I can’t play.

  5. Do you think we will hold 60k + this weekend? I think that would be a great setup to moon on Monday.

    Even more speculative, I know, but I think we will get a much greater ATH (and a less significant drop) if we moon on Monday in stead of the weekend.

  6. Okay so today I woke up in the UK….and accurately predicted the time. As I went to look at my phone – I said 9:51.

    I then tried to take it further and predicted BTC at $58,699. So glad I was wrong

  7. bitcoin community went from collecting alpaca socks and honey to now discussing regenitive farming/raising cattle on homesteads


    the ideas keep evolving as the price goes up

  8. From another post further down by u/samcornwell

    > My Dad had a serious talk with me a few weeks ago and said I had to sell at $50k.

    > Funny how people who aren’t invested are so willing to give advice

    I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me. Why do you think this is? I don’t tell people how much BTC I hodl but I’ve been evangelical about it since 2015 and have told those closest to me that I put my “shits n giggles” money into it.

    They try to “advise” me to get rid of it every time it hits an all time high, at first I thought it was well-meaning naïvety, but now I’m thinking it might be something more sinister.

    Perhaps they are secretly jealous? I don’t know. How many times do I have to explain it’s piss-easy to have iron hands when you have only invested what you can afford to lose. Perhaps they are salty no-coiners who know I bought in at low prices and DCA’d my way in and wished they’d had the balls to do it earlier.

    Have you guys had this experience? What do you think?



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