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  1. Does anyone have good information on the flow of assets between BTC and alts? Intuition leads me to believe that when money flows from BTC to alts during alt season, it flows back to BTC after there has been a large surge. Is this true? I can’t deduce this from any charts I’m following.

  2. I’m bout to ask a really dumb question that I should know the answer to but I keep second-guessing myself: if my transaction is stuck on the mempool, and I increase the fee on Electrum, does it literally increase the fee, or does it do my previous fee plus the new fee?

    For example, let’s say my transaction cost $5 when it got stuck. If I increase fee to $10, does the network eat my $5 fee, and I pay a new $10 fee?

  3. Does anyone believe that investing a small amount each week similar to how you would a Roth IRA or 401k is a wise decision? That is how I intend to start. On robinhood for what it’s worth

  4. >> SEC Chair Gary Gensler will formulate his crypto $BTC agenda after hearing from a @SecYellen task force on the issue, securities lawyers tell @FoxBusiness. They expect Gensler to approach crypto through enforcement actions rather than rulemaking. Conversely, they expect rulemaking to be key to Gensler’s pending crackdown on FinTech.

  5. How many tens of thousands of percent does BTC have to go up before boomers will ever change their minds? It’s hilarious but also infuriating. The same FUD and idiotic thinking after 12 years of massive gains? Everything points to higher price and they still continue with their monkey brained thinking? Unbelievable.

  6. It feels like the Dallas Fed President being balls out pro Bitcoin is one of those monster stories that is just going to get buried in here with the daily nonsense, but people should pay attention to this one!

  7. Can’t wait for btc’s turn. I’m new to this space and my doge has done better for me than btc haha. Long term patience is tough but I know it’ll pay off. Cheers

  8. To the guy who posted about B C H and it taking it’s big brother to the moon with it…. And I called it a pos. I wasn’t talking about you. You’re cool.

    I was saying B C H is a pos. The post was deleted.

  9. What is TheBlueMatt on about here? Is there a new fork controversy?


    Edit: downvotes? TheBlueMatt is one of the OG bitcoin devs.

    Edit2: found the answer elsewhere – for anyone else interested, here’s what he’s reacting to:

    Luke Jr is another OG bitcoin dev.

  10. I woke up with my balls swollen and with a feeling that it was going to be a good day.

    Looked at my phone and saw Bitcoin down. Placed an order to buy a few million sats, turned around and had sex with my S.O.

    I love fridays!

  11. Yo everyone! I’m slowly starting doing my master’s dissertation and i’m writing about bitcoin. I’d love to hear from you what do you think about this subject:
    “Bitcoin as a real threat for fiat currencies. Factors determining the future value of a cryptocurrency with life cycle analysis.”

    IMO i’ve got a lot of space to write about (same as our BTC buddy has to grow :D) and i know there are few ppl who are writing dissertation about threads like this so it might be good choice

    Thanks for ur opinion HODL’ERS 😉

  12. Okay so hear me out..

    What if the monster rally in other cryptos (not to name names) is meant to distract people from Bitcoin so big companies can stack cheaper Bitcoin now that they have the green light now that Coinbase is public

    What am I missing, seems like the same thing Tesla did not too long ago



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