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    Shorted doge coin 3x since 40 cents and made the most money I have ever made in my life.

    Thanks for the free 120k lmfao

    Ganna invest 70% of my gains in btc Now, already slowly putting my money in my main portfolio and maybe you doge moonbois might actually set me off for life

    **Life is good**

    I can literally buy 50 home saunas if I wanted to from ur mutt coin lmfao

    **Bonus Pic** of me flexing on u normie fools cause I know none of you dyel fat fuk nerds lift lmao

    You guys are too busy stuffing your face with McDonald’s and whatever else weird ass normie shit y’all sheep do

    Thanks for playing 😉 woof🐶

  2. My 8 year old step son has small amount of BTC that he has bought. He follows the price and is learning about it.

    This morning was a great test as I asked him if he thinks we should sell? He said “heck no”, I think you said we should buy more if it goes way down like this.


  3. I wonder how COIN will fare on market open after a Bitcoin Sunday dump.

    We are used to these price fluctuation. But the people who yoloed on it after DPO are maybe not so used.

    🙂 Monday opening bell will be funny 😆

  4. Now that we dipped with fake news, can we create fake twitter accounts and spread fake news to pump ? Of course we would put unnamed ”Sources”, markets love it.

  5. I brought into bitcoin a couple of days ago after a number of years of holding out (still don’t really buy the day-to-day transactional arguments but I like it now as an alternative reserve currency).

    Didn’t think it would dump so quickly, but pretty awesome it has given I’ve spread the buy out over a couple of weeks (going to buy at whatever price is offered, then lock it away for a couple of years and see where it goes).

    Life rarely gives a do-over – and it probably won’t totally do that here – but it is a nice start.

  6. I love the crypto but one of the negatives the big buyers have brought with it is the huge profit taking they do just like they do with the stocks screwing the small retail investor. You can go to all the major crypto and see that they all take their huge dip at the same exact times. Annoying. Great buying opportunities but it’s the corporate assholes sticking it to the little guy once again in life .

  7. Ahh, nothing like waking up and being down ~$500 in an asset, only to not have a worry in the world. I love bitcoin. Only squabble is that I don’t have much fiat to buy more with right now, but I did just buy another $300 at least anyways.

  8. I was once a spanner , then after raving my brain cells grew back. Anyone who thinks doggie coin is worth more than a one seed of apple core does not understand **Intrinsic value. An apple seed has worth. Enjoy the ride down.**

  9. I don’t get it all… we’ve hit $65 and now sub $55 in the same week.

    It should be making $10k green candles… not fucking RED!!!

    Bitcoin is still a wild west casino. Stable coin my ass!

  10. I bought all my bitcoin in 2017 & was happy with my holdings and haven’t bought or sold anymore since – seeing people freak out at the current price of 55k is insane to me. Still up 600% on this “dip”



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