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  1. I read this in crypto news:

    “About 27,320 Bitcoin contracts will expire on April 23, with a total value of approximately $1.5 billion ($56,000 exchange rate). ”

    and I’d like to better understand this. Are we able to see evidence that there is extra sell pressure being applied here specifically relating to the expiring contracts or is this purely a theory of what MIGHT be contributing to current BTC price that gets trotted out every time we see a general dip in price in an attempt to explain why it’s happening?

  2. Really interested to see the outcome of the Vaneck bitcoin ETF application. I did a quick check and I believe the SEC had 45 days to respond starting on March 15th, which must mean a response is due within the next week or so?

  3. How is Bitcoin going to stay relevant if transaction costs are increasing with the number of users? I have no idea why it is happening right now, but even if this time it is unusual, what is going to stop this issue when more people are going to actually use the coins?

  4. Going to wait for the MACD and RSI to start looking more bullish before adding more BTC into cold storage wallets that I’ve slowly been building since 2014 for my kids. If things continue the way they are, by the time they’re 18 they won’t need to worry about housing and university fees!

  5. Just got my first hardware wallet, currently have som btc spread out in different places. Is it worth it to transfer them over now considering the fees? Or should I wait a bit longer?

  6. So how can the system avoid this in the future? I mean this is a massive interruption of the network. Someone is exploiting 2 week difficulty adjustment. Now watch them come back right before the diff switch, so the network will not adjust as much as it needs to.

    Does anyone know if network adjusts based on the 14 day hashrate average, or can that be manipulated too? I seem to remember that I observed the similar hashrate fluctuation back in 2017/2018. Some miners disappeared at the beginning to slow down the network, then came back full force towards the end to negate the adjustment.

    Maybe someone can explain better, and what could be done…

  7. Those who are really in for the long haul are more excited by the dips than the rises. I’m waiting patiently for it to drop further to buy more but it’s getting very tempting to do it now while it’s on sale.

  8. This is just me but i have this feeling that btc will fall down near 35k. This drop is not just few days or few weeks. Also btc drag down every other coins too. Hmmmmmm……

  9. This is about the same size correction as the end of feb.

    Just chill.

    Remember how confident you were a couple weeks and go back to that place.

    Step away from your screen and stop being a paper hand bitch. 😀✌️

    Edit: or buy more at discount!

  10. Right next to my name you can see the number of people who think JP morgan is trying to suppress bitcoin price to buy more for cheap, then announce it at a later time.

  11. Can anyone ELI5 what JPM is doing? Are they trying to instill FUD in the population, to get them to sell BTC so the price drops significantly; so that they can they invest in BTC themselves? Wouldn’t this mean that we would see the price surge once they do (a good thing)?

  12. Anyone who has watched and enjoyed the recent Bitcoin vs Gold debate should really check out Breedlove’s ‘The Saylor Series’ – lots of the same topics (anthropology, human evolution) are covered at great depth. It’s truly fascinating.



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