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  1. God this thread, please stop panicking. It’s crypto. This is the game. This is how it goes. It’s gonna go up eventually but get your shit together. If you can’t handle that, then don’t buy crypto.

  2. Can’t tax policies be altered every 4-8 years given which party is in control of the WH and senate/house? Trump changed it, now Biden is doing it. The next president, if republican, could always lower it back to current levels. Doesn’t everyone in America already know this?

  3. Is anyone else having fun?
    Volatility is better than sideways -I dont know about you but the reason I bought btc was the volatility that creates the ability for it to return better than any other asset. Without volatility there is no movement.

    This bounce back is going to be like a slingshot!

    Buy if you can, Hodl if you can’t

  4. So PSA for anyone listening to the FUD and shitting their pants because the bull run is over and bitcoin will never go up again: If this is the end, there will be a dead cat bounce/bear trap up to a lower high, say 57-60K. So there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to sell at 48, 49, or even 50.

  5. Listen. High net worth individuals/trust do not want to pay retail price for BTC knowing that a lot of small scale basement investors are sitting nice with purchases at lower prices over the years. They will do anything and everything to promote negativity until the govt allows these institutions to open portals for them to buy BTC. Do not allows these Wall Street scumbags the opportunity to buy your coin at a discount. Hodl the line

  6. Would be nice if:

    – Biden says “cap gains tax moving to 90%”
    – Bitcoin tanks to $5
    – I get my full annual pay all that day
    – I buy all the bitcoins and hodl
    – Then Biden says “oops Nevermind change it back”
    – Bitcoin moons

    Would be nice.

  7. GBTC has a 15% discount to NAV. Given the tax proposal, it’s not a bad time to take a loss on some actual, taxable bitcoin, fund a retirement account and buy some (admittedly custodial) bitcoin exposure at a discount in a tax-deferred or -free account.

  8. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Never forget where we were this exact same number of days past the 2016 halving. It’s almost errie how close to the path of the last post halving markets this is.



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