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  1. Convinced my fiancé to stop funding her Roth so we can go all in (DCA weekly) on Bitcoin. My financial advisor is into crypto, but would probably try to convince me to stay diversified, but the opportunity cost seems to great to not be putting all our purchasing power into BTC for the next decade at least.

  2. Whelp, not looking up for December yet lads. Plan b better sell more hats because I think his platform will be dissolving soon. Least harmful exit scam in crypto history 😂

  3. If you zoom out on the daily, the candles following Sept 7th crash is actually pretty similar to now.

    If we follow that pattern, one more real red day, then should be a week or two of green. I hope and pray lol

  4. If its one thing I learned this bull market. Its that no influencer (plan B, tech dev,willy woo etc) can predict anything.

    We are working with a lengthening cycle and the past cant predict the future

  5. So within the next few weeks we’re expecting some fireworks, right?
    Im bullish, but i gotta say, im not really feeling it. According to on chain analysis, at some point the supply shock will happen, new money induced by FOMO will flow in, followed by immense profit taking. AND THEN, it’ll end with a blowoff top, leaving ATH buyers burned and salty. Hello bearmarket.

  6. There’s no top secret whale club where they have meetings and discuss how to screw retail investors.

    There are, however, plenty of whales who are adept at siphoning coins away with fakeouts and causing cascading liquidations.

    Even the most stoic and determined hodlers have times of weakness where they expect big drops and, if only briefly,, want to give in and sell in hopes of buying back lower (or not at all). If you are overexposed and/or don’t have cash for daily expenses, this is very understandable. But I, for one, just flat out won’t let them have my coins. I don’t play that game.

  7. Price has always chopped below Saylor’s average buy price for a bit and the trolls have a few days in the sun. Then shortly thereafter price takes off and he looks like a genius again.

  8. I remember back in high school 10 years ago I thought the idea of mining Bitcoin was cool and looked into it for about 5 minutes and got distracted and forgot and never followed thru

  9. We corrected back from the dump to the steady downwards trend, so imo an another pump is imminent. Perhaps a last one this cycle or perhaps btc will now only experience such humps with upward trend

  10. Question, a friend explained to me the basics of mining where you are essentially leaving a program running without stop as it guesses the key to each block. Which takes years to figure out depending on the amount of processing power at a persons disposal.

    Now if I have that understood correctly is mining a worthwhile pursuit in trying to accumulate Bitcoin or is it more trouble than it’s worth? And I should just be buying piecemeal in the dips

  11. I’m quite new to bitcoin and was wondering the following. Isn’t bitcoin bad for the economy as people are hoarding wealth that is pulled out of the market? Isn’t it better to invest money in stocks, hedge funds, etc.

What do you think?

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