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  1. Global stock market cap is 94T. Crypto market cap is 2.3T. …… that’s 2.5% of our stock market cap. What percentage of our global stock market cap do you think crypto will become in the next 5 years?

  2. Dominance is finally going up as we go down.

    On the last leg down dominance, unusually, **fell.** Doesn’t feel like the real dip.

    If we want to go parabolic, it’s time to end the shitcoin casino even if it means another leg down or two. Would love to see dominance go up as Bitcoin does, but that’s clearly not happening yet. Shake out all the alts first and let the king drink their blood as it ascends alone. All the while, supply gets slurped. Short term this would mean pain, long term doesn’t change a thing.

    Euthanize the dogs. Confiscate their bats. Let the GRAND PURGE BEGIN!

    At least, I hope. I just want it over with already since alts have been joined at the hip for nearly a year. I’ll die inside if this reverses and we wake up at 54k and dom is back at 39-40. Time to cut out the tumors.

  3. Tired of waiting! Let’s go!!!! I’m officially throwing out the idea of a 666 BTC Reddit gimmick /s

    Buy $6, or $66, or $666, whichever makes more sense to you, worth of BTC on Dec 6th at 6pm EST. If enough of us do it, maybe we can get back over $60,000.

    Edit: Guys, before I get a million downvotes, it was a joke. BTC doesn’t need a gimmick. We will see $60,000 again when BTC is ready to see it again.

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US Regulator Charges Latvian Man for $7 Million Crypto Fraud

US Regulator Charges Latvian Man for $7 Million Crypto Fraud

Crypto Market Cap Remains Stable above $2.5 Trillion

Crypto Market Cap Remains Stable above $2.5 Trillion