Daily Discussion, February 27, 2021

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  1. u/spray_champagne8 what is your agenda?

    You revive a reddit account that never posted about bitcoin and hasn’t posted anything in 7 months and now you spend hours everyday only posting FUD in in the r/bitcoin Daily Discussion threads.

    Did you buy that reddit account and what is your agenda?

  2. Retracing all the way back to pre Elon levels… ahhh feels nice

    BuT giGA cHaD mIChAEL SAylOR bOuGht aT 51k.

    Difference is it’s not his money and he invested way earlier than you. Lmao

    Some of you people are absolutely delusional.

  3. I got a feeling that next week be a game changer for Bitcoin….This is good entry point for more institutions what missed on it earlier and I think they will enter next week.

    Do not sell people…..HODL

  4. If I would have invested what I put in at 50-54 into the 43k dip I’d have 50% of a Btc…stuck with 30 % ehhh I guess I’ll
    Keep stacking nothing else you can do but stack

  5. People always talking about price manipulation with bitcoin I feel I have to point out that pretty much every crypto is way down right now. Do other cryptos just follow Bitcoin that closely or what

  6. Are there any website that shows a dashboard that display the combined coinbase reward and transaction fee the miners are reaping every block historically?

    We know the current reward is 6.25BTC per block but the fee should be non-negligible at this point?

    Just out of curiosity and because data is beautiful 🙂

  7. I don’t know guys, too many things happening around the globe could be addressed through bitcoin/blockchain implementation.

    Hear me out; replace parts (if not the whole) SWIFT network mechanisms, asset tracking (think contamination or theft or unauthorized modification in a supply chain), finite supply, encrypted, secure (would need more than 51% of entire network to theoretically launch an attack), better monitoring transactions to combat various forms of crimes/fraud (depending on if govs would make their own form of crypto, like China has), and more to come as the tech is still being developed and evolved.



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