Daily Discussion, February 28, 2021

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  1. Sometimes you see massive buy spikes of 68m volume. Are that individual whales or just coincidence of multiple people buying at the same time. It looks like its too much volume within 1 min to be coincidence.

  2. I can’t wait until we use Bits as the unit convention for Bitcoin. 1 Bit = 1,000,000th BTC

    Currently 1 BTC is $47.2k. So 1 Bit would be 4.72 cents. 100 Bits would be $4.72.

    Mooning to a $1 Bit is easier for cynics to swallow than going to a $1 million BTC.

    People would stop saying it’s too expensive (not realising that BTC is divisible). Stacking sats sounds great but stacking a $0.000472 is pretty confusing.

  3. So I was gonna wait till I get paid Wednesday to buy bitcoin for the first time but decided to buy $350 when it was at 43k, only regret is paying my rent beforehand tbh

  4. Do you guys lend out your bitcoin on the exchanges for yield?

    I’ve seen it but I don’t like the risk… I assume if something goes wrong we wear the complete loss not the exchange?

    I’m very comfortable with my BTC in a hard wallet… but seeing a 3% APY on Gemini is interesting

  5. Just collected frist of many intrest payments in BTC from my Nexo wallet! For those you arnt familiar with this company they will pay out intrest or staking rewards out in BTC for holding coin in there wallet.



What do you think?

I will take a weekend off when I get my lambo🏎🏎🏎

Bitcoin is down more than 20% in the last seven days after heavy selling pressure pushed the price below $44,000 on Sunday.

Bitcoin miners reduce their BTC selling amid the recent price crash.