Daily Discussion, January 11, 2022

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  1. So I was looking at the whale alert page on Twitter. I noticed a lot of crypto moving onto exchanges today. Should I even think anything of this? Not sure what to make of this page if I should think anything at all.

  2. This whole setup reminds me off the summer, and what did we do after everyone was calling for 20k? We short squeezed right back up to the upside hitting a new ATH. Open interest and total BTC leveraged ratio are at ATH’s, and since we dipped to 39k and the numbers stayed the same, it seems the majority of the market is currently short. It doesn’t take much of a pump to start the ball rolling. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  3. Okay. I am a Bitcoin believer now. I know about HODL and DCA. I had some Bitcoin when it was super cheap and I sold it shortly after buying. I only recently started to invest. I’m now wondering what are best ways to getting more Bitcoin now. I surely will continue buying it with fiat. I’m also thinking about mining it with ASICS. I have access to cheap electricity and I have money to buy the equipment.
    I am also wondering now about converting alt coins I have to Bitcoin. Could it be that there rate to BTC is good still even though their value to fiat is down?

  4. everyone who bought overpriced btc at 43k in the past, and also everyone who bought cheap ass sats at 43k in the past, please note that you now have a unique chance to get some at a great price of, and I shit you not, ~43k.

  5. I understand this sub is very bullish but please don’t downvote me for a simple, honest question!

    Anyone here who was once very bullish but has turned more bearish over time? What’s your reasoning?

  6. After knocking at the door of the 100 EMA twice (yellow), Bitcoin finally kicked it down. Currently riding the 10 EMA up as it struggles to take on the 200 (orange). If this price can be overcome, not much stands in the way between it and the 500 EMA at ~$45,500.

    The 200 EMA is a massive area of resistance, we haven’t been above it since the price was over $50k. It will take a lot of buying pressure to move the price up. But a lot of optimism is on this page so maybe the tide is turning. If the price falls from the 200, just expect a similar pattern that we saw for the last few days although the timeline might be shorter with more support.

    Either way it’s good to see upward pressure for a change.



  7. YouTube just banned the Bitcoin Magazine channel for “content that encourages illegal activities or encourages users to violate YouTube’s guidelines”.

    For those of you not in the know, they’re one of the oldest and most respected Bitcoin publications. They also host the Bitcoin Conference. The same conference where El Salvador first announced plans to make Bitcoin is legal tender.

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