Daily Discussion, June 21, 2021

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  1. i like to see the people crying. they are scared. and they dont believe in btc.

    if you want fast money go casino. if you want invest in the best asset of the last decade buy bitcoin. the key is to hold and dca.. if you hold 4 years your in massiv profits. just relax. and if it goes down buy.. next time we go over 100k and you guys will never be able to buy a whole bitcoin.

  2. Ngl I did fomo in, I’m only 21 and a college student so the $ was definitely needed but I know this is the best decision I can make for future economic freedom and I can always make more $ but one thing that won’t last is these btc prices. My 30 year future self will thank me🤌🏽

  3. Honestly this has happened so many times the last month I’m not even fazed anymore. People crying bitcoin is dead IT’S OVER 30K lol.

    Practice zen and the art of hodling.

  4. There will be better entry points soon so if you fancy your luck and don’t mind the stress of watching the charts then wait. If you don’t then buy and hodl and accept you won’t be buying the bottom.


  5. I think the final stage of Crab-21 here is essentially a washout down to the low 20s and then a meteoric rise back up. There’s not quite enough negative sentiment for this to be the bottom

  6. I don’t see how we could be hit with any worse news than what has already come, we’ve been bombarded with a billion different FUD in the past month yet we stayed above 30k if we stay above 30k within the next few days then I’m guessing we’ll be at 40k again in notime



  7. What were experiencing here may be capitulation, looking at the personal market sentiment. Or very close to it. Most everyone’s lost hope.

    If so, we’ve hit market bottom.

  8. 12 years…. Btc has went up, Bitcoin has come down, btc went even higher, btc came down, Bitcoin went even higher again, btc came down, btc went even higher again, btc came down……. I think I can see what’s coming next.

  9. I’m relatively new to crypto and the most infuriating thing about this thread is the constant bear talk. If you are over extended or freaking about the price. You obviously aren’t managing your money correctly and are not even educated on the entity that ur putting ur money into. It’s a macro process and if ur looking for the short term then you should sell now because you will be shaken out at some point. Save yourself the time

  10. Does anyone know the difference between buying btc and btcup coin? Judging by the leverage multiplier, won’t buying btcup be a more profitable long term investment?

  11. We’re gonna need more and bigger countries to keep this pump going without more institutional adoption. Retail alone can’t support an asset class of this size, especially given the fact that there’s still speculation in shitcoins. Need some anti FUD

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