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  1. I am really puzzled by all this talk of a dip. Am I looking at different charts? Because I see a 24hr change of just -0.02%…. and in fact as I typed that it has gone to 0.00% exactly.

  2. With resistance happening around 50k and the 7/50 EMA closing in on each other where do we see Bitcoin going from here. Is it primed for another breakout or will we see another drop to 45k or possibly 30K before an explosion to about 75k in this bull rally? Asking for a friend.

  3. Some one mentioned it earlier, but I like plying the game where I check Reddit before checking the price. I thought we were at 47k the way people were freaking out.

  4. Holy fuck people who think entire countries wake up at 7am and start selling en masse are fucking *idiots*. How are there so many who think this way? Most useless comments.

  5. Bitcoin won’t make it to 1k. Bitcoin won’t make it to 5k. Bitcoin won’t make it to 20k. Bitcoin won’t make it to 50k. Bitcoin won’t make it to 100k. Bitcoin won’t make it to 500k. Surrounded by lies!

  6. Are you kidding me? Another pump up to 52k with a fake breakout for what the 2nd or 3rd time now followed by a dump?

    Last I’ll say on this but this constant fake out stuff about 50k is becoming a joke at this point.
    Plus the looming Bitcoin correction with NASDAQ futures better stop happening otherwise it’s quickly becoming just another stock market follower.

    BTC want you today as stock futures were heavily green. Now they are quite negative and BTC has gone down at the same pace.

  7. We should get a crowd sourced reddit username list when people announce selling, and then soon complain rich people control all the bitcoins. Few things are more despicable than such greed and dishonesty.

  8. Futures dumping in the market and Bitcoin dumping at an equivalent rate it seems. The fact that people say the two are not correlated is ludacris. When the market tanked last year so did bitcoin. They are very correlated institutional and retail investor wise. People and businesses both take profit and accept losses equally across asset classes when needed to.

    Oh and did nobody realize that during the biggest bull run of all time bitcoin also went on its biggest bull run of all time? Im assuming thats not correlated though 💀💀💀

    Bore me with all your fundamentals but human sentiment overpowers it all. Its simple logic ffs.

  9. Maybe i will get hate for this, but if BTC is correlated this strong with the stock market… And so easily manipulated otherwise… What exactly can we expect in the future, because it should be doing exactly the reverse and not follow the centralized markets

  10. I’ve already invested small amounts but I’m on the verge of making a £2,000 investment, there’s just a tiny part of my brain which is telling me not to do it. I only started educating myself about btc and other cryptocurrencies about a month ago and it now feels impossible to ignore. Knowing what I know now, it feels like I can’t not invest everything!

    I’m just scared that I’m investing emotionally, something I promised myself I wouldn’t do.

  11. Yeah, so beware of Sunday/Monday shenanigans – why is BTC unpredictable in the week’s first session? Because there’s some imsode fuckery going on. I think we are going to see a drop $47k before we top $50k again. I was so sure we’d see $60 by the 15th, but there’s a shady dealing going on. With all these advertised purchases, there ought to have been a better bull coming out today.

  12. I am working on a large scale project that might make me 100k after expenses. Does anyone think it’s gonna fall back to the 30s or 20s? It will be a month or so before it pays out so I’ll just be watching in the mean time, but are we not just seeing another bull run like 17? It’s been a while since I checked in. I have .5 currently that I got when it was mid 20s.



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