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  1. well i was never in btc tbh, but i just waited for this. I will buy in this or next month for the first time, with a really really long term perspective. Then ill buy in piece by piece every month/two. Dunno why people are mad about this “slap” when they want to hold it for years or expecting XXX-XXXX k each btc. Then you just should be happy that this come back as low as possible and buy more for a discount… there was a time when btc dropped from 20k to 3k (-80%+). Those guys who don’t give up where the most happy ones on a long term. After a comeback to 14k it dropped again to 5k and repeat. As long as you are not a short term trader, those dips are just a pleasure… i think you should make a decision to hold until your price target is reached or otherwise you should just sell after a huge run like we had from 2020-2021… it should be clear that it can’t go up for so much years and just multiplying several times without a drop after that.

  2. All of these assholes talking about no new ATH until the next halving are just fudsters.

    How many times have we done this the last two years? After each time we hit new ATH within months.

    Zoom out, don’t get shook out.

    Save your “this times different “ bullshit you bear fucktards.

  3. What do you people think the average BTC price will be during this accumulation phase, and what the next 2024-2025 bull run ATH will be?

    I say a 38k bear market average, then a $300k 2024-2025 ATH.

    Stack sats, friends.

  4. I just don’t agree when people say bitcoin is early. The more time I talk, overhear or witness others talk about bitcoin. I see more and more people actually becoming hostile to it. Or is it just me?

  5. Since bitcoin never does what people expect, and now everyone is waiting for a full blown capitulation, I won’t be surprised if it never actually falls to the low 30s. thoughts?

  6. How do you think bitcoin would do in a Great Depression?. Looking for some intelligent opinions. Given that bitcoin is correlated with the stock market.

  7. I don’t concern myself with BTC fiat value as much as I do my BTC accumulation. I’ve no plans to sell BTC back into fiat so staying focused on adding. Is this a reasonable position, am I missing something? BTC retail adoption should speed up soon. Tell me if you think this is wrong.

  8. I’m certainly anticipating more dramatic red drops like we had this week. Would not be surprised if we drop below $30k over the next month. Possibly low/mid 20’s not long after.

    I’m going to maintain my long term bullish conviction and place my bets by continuing to DCA for as long as it takes. I’ll assess things in five years and decide then if it’s time to give up or if I’m BTC rich.

    I gave up on BTC early in the 2018 bear market. Thankful if I get a second chance. BTC to $1M USD by 2030!

  9. nasdaq is below where it was 1 yr ago, and was never lower in the past 1 yr.

    Bitcoin, on the other hand, has not hit a low for 2022 in the past month. The low for 2022 was Jan 22nd

    We doin alright!

    EDIT 7 hrs later: jinxed it, we are at a YTD low today

  10. Lots of talk and wait for the big capitulation to get to the next phase, accumulation. What does the capitulation looks like? Shit storm with shit thunder clearing out the weak?

  11. Food price = Inflated

    Housing price = Inflated

    Car price = Inflated

    Lumber price = Inflated

    Gasoline price = Inflated

    Bitcoin price = ??

    Yup, you got it. It’s gotta come down.


  12. It happened again last night. At a party and somehow Bitcoin gets brought up. Some guy then starts claiming he bought a whole Bitcoin 20 years ago and has been holding it ever since. He learned about it from a teacher in high school. He graduated high school in 2003. 🤦‍♂️

  13. So everyone keeps talking about hodling and how the network keeps growing stronger. But how many of them that acquired financial freedom through bitcoin and converted to fiat never return back to btc? Mean, why risking it all again?

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