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  1. Don’t chase the price guys, I know we might have a little good news about the etf but remember we are in a bear market. News don’t matter to much right now. They want you to fomo so they can snatch that shit. We will have bounces on the way down. Just take in to account cause I know there are some new people. Best of luck guys, stay safe.

  2. Forgot about my crypto investments for a while…last time I checked we were around 75k (AUD) and now sitting at almost half that.

    Started buying btc in 2016.

    Am I worried?

    Am I going to sell?


    Turn off the news, go climb a tree or something and forget about the latest shakeout.

    This is how the weak hands are removed from the game and it works like magic every year or so.

  3. Honestly, for all those panicking about this recent dip, were you really planning on selling anytime soon? If not, then what does it matter what the day-to-day price is? I’ve been stacking since 2018. I’ve bought at 3k and I’ve bought at 64k. If it goes to 20k tomorrow, what does it matter? I wasn’t planning on selling at 64k, and didn’t, so what’s the reason for getting worked up when it dips? The only people that this dip truly affects are those that were in it for a quick buck. And those aren’t the investors we want anyway, so let them get crushed.

  4. Greyscale and SEC had a productive meeting today regarding the Bitcoin ETF conversion. Maybe that’s why we have insane longs being opened, maybe someone knows we are about to get a spot ETF approved?

  5. A real test of faith coming up for many people. You have to decide if your faith in Bitcoin is only dependent on US dollar value or if your faith encompasses the idea that Bitcoin is trying to reshape the financial system completely. A pretty big ask for a 14 year old economic and social experiment. IF Bitcoin does go to zero, i think it is a very sad day for humanity, because we would have basically admitted to ourselves that we are nothing more than sheep comfortable with centralisation and supreme government authority hanging over our heads

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