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  1. I have my coins scattered in a few locations but when it comes to selling I have no preferred method, because I only HODL. For someone in the USA, where do you all prefer to sell?

  2. What were people expecting after BTC went from 40k to 67k in 3 weeks? For it to continue with non stop daily green candles until 100k? It’s never done that after a new ATH. It goes down a bit, crabs, gets consolidated, and eventually with no FUD pushes upward. BTD is slowly dropping, and we all know that can change drastically in less than an hour at any time. Relax, stop looking at the charts, and remind yourself you’re one of the lucky/smart ones to hold Bitcoin in the first place.

  3. When I was a kid I had a 3rd grade English assignment to write and illustrate a book. I decided to make it a futuristic book. *A Visit Into the Year 4000*. People in the future lived under the Earth like ants. There’s a lot of untapped real estate down there, understand? There were no more paved roads because all of the cars flew. Highways in the sky. Children had bikes that could ride straight up a tree. Every movie was 3D but you still had to wear those cheap red and blue glasses. And for some reason I decided to make everyone grow and eat corn. Only the corn they grew, like the cars they flew, just floated in the air. Like vertical farming but with no buildings, just a bunch of corn floating for miles up into the sky. Picture a sea of kelp only it’s corn on a rope reaching to the heavens like Jack and his beanstalk.

    When I was a kid with no athletic ability I was put on a travel soccer team. During night games I wouldn’t run around and play, no I planted my feet like petunias and stared at the stars instead. I never got hit in the head with the ball while daydreaming at night. Was I lucky? Fuck yeah I was lucky! My sister caught a lot of soccer balls to the head and she paid attention, but not me partner! Not me! Now that I’m much older I realize that I knew from a very young age that corn was the future. Corn is going up. Corn is going sky-high. We’ll be looking down at the clouds soon enough. It’s why I buy as much corn as I can. In transparency though I hate corn. It tastes weird. Smells weird. But not this here corn. This corn tastes like caviar and smells of cocaine. 62.5k is only like the 3rd ear up on this floating crop and at the top of this rope is an ear worth 230k. The future looks excellent.

    Keep stacking corn. Some of y’all need to learn patience. Thank you for lending me your ears y’all.

  4. I don’t see us hitting 98k at this rate. As soon as we hit 63/64 the manipulators get to work to drag it back to 61. It’s the only logic…nobody in their right mind would be selling BTC otherwise.

  5. BTC vs SATS . I’m trying to understand why would people buy sats instead of btc directly. It’s like getting your salary paid in bags of pennys instead of a single pay check. Is there any actual advantage of buying sats over btc?

  6. Fun Conspiracy about Rodgers being banned a day after he announced he is taking bitcoin as a salary. By banning Rodgers from playing in one of the most anticipated games (Rodgers Vs. Mahomes) they are keeping the story of Rodgers Bitcoin adoption from the masses so that they can keep the price subdued to increase their positions.

  7. FED says high inflation is transitory™ and so will wait before increasing bank interest rates to help job creation. In short they plan to continue to print huge amounts of money and lone it to smaller banks at 0% interest.

  8. # Gifting crypto through QR code?

    I’d like to gift a crypto of my choice for a friend’s birthday. Is there any way I can make a QR code with a specific amount of crypto on it (i.e. $100), so that when my friend scans the QR code he will receive just the $100 of crypto specified in the QR code? Thank you for the help!

  9. You know youre used to bitcoin when you open your app and it glitches out and says that you lost 30% in the last couple hours and you just accept it as bitcoin doing bitcoin things. Was pretty stoked when it came back.

  10. Come back to my desk after running a few errands to see that not only the price went up overall but that it also dropped low enough on the way down to meet my buy orders.

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Ether hits new record, Solana firmly sets foot in top 5