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  1. Hi Bitcoin. What do y’all know about voodoo? I seen History Channel shows about it and it got me thinking: does it work? This weekend I’m going to buy a corn and try it out. I’m going to make a rocket out of an ear and set it up with some candles and incense. I think it could work. Tonight was the full moon and I think with a little voodoo this weekend we will hit a new ATH next week. What do you think? Making Corn Rocket can’t hurt now can it? I can eat part of it after too if the voodoo isn’t strong enough to beat the selling pressure. I’m not seeing any downsides here.

  2. Could bitcoin be a self fulfilling prophecy that actually CAUSES hyper inflation by diluting the role of fiat as money? If so, you better buy some as an insurance policy and the time may come you are either with bitcoin or against it.

  3. Congrats to the HODLers and traders who didn’t fall for the Plan B, infrastructure bill, and Mt Gox FUD.

    If you did I’m sorry. It sucks to lose money. I truly empathize. I think most people who have been invested for a while can empathize. Just know that the road ahead is looking pretty good overall. Losing money while investing in BTC once doesn’t mean you’ll always lose money. It’s the wrong takeaway.

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Aladdin Exchange Demo Trading Feature Set to Go Live, Makes Trading Easy to Learn


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