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  1. So probably like many noobs to this space I feel like all year I’ve kinda slipped further and further into the crypto bubble. Now most of the content I consume is about crypto and it’s pretty much all positive and reaffirming. Last night I went out in search of some alternative viewpoints and boy did I find them over at r/buttcoin. Idk if thats a curse word around here but damn if it didn’t make me sorta question everything I’ve been consuming over the last year. Gave me a bad feeling in my stomach like I’ve been indoctrinated into something.

    I guess my question is to the people that have been in this space for more than this cycle, have you felt this way before and what sort of things keep your belief in the the future of bitcoin and blockchain technology? Guess I’m just looking for a pick me up to keep my head in the game.

  2. More than a month btc tested 60k support and most were expecting solid upward movement towards 80k but it’s now roaming around 55-58k since two weeks and people are getting bored. Btc is not for entertainment. It will do its magic when no one is expecting. Chill. Enjoy. Be happy that you are part of revolution.

  3. Inflation has nothing to do with bitcoin volatility. Just make regular buys and hold and your returns will far out weight inflation. Bitcoin is the best savings account there is, the price changes on the simple law of duly and demand.

  4. I wonder if, with enough persistence of written complaint but avoiding pursuance of legal action, it is possible to achieve minor compensation for Coinbase outages to individuals

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Shiba Inu Team Issues Warning to SHIB Holders As Scams Proliferate Across Social Channels

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