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  1. Blocks 711317 and 711318 were found within 1 minute of each other. How does that happen? Luck?

    Edit: also saw a 22,740 BTC, $1.9billion, transaction go through. That was nuts. It cost $6.14 to xfer!

  2. Right now I am 16 living in the UK. I’m interested in buying and trading crypto however every app I have downloaded so far requires that I be 18 and to prove my identity using some form of ID. Obviously I cant do that at 16 and was wondering if there were any good apps/websites that I could use to buy crypto currency while under 18 with reasonable exchange fees.

  3. I want to pay back my mom for helping me with my college tuition. Most of my money is in bitcoin so I’ll sell a whole coin but then dca back over time until I die. Any advice on selling. Sell at once or over time?

  4. I have a distribution of wealth question:

    Let’s say that all global wealth gets but into Bitcoin. So 1540 trillion (rounded down to the nearest trillion….) into 21 million BTC would make a single coin worth 733 million of today’s USD, give or take other factors.

    Now, how do we deal with the hodlers who have way to much money? How detrimental to global finance would it be to have all of the early birds be Elon-rich? Not to mention the Satoshi wallet that would have 4.76% of global wealth (3.489 trillion)? Sorry if this comes across as FUD, I’m genuinely ignorant about how the wealth gets distributed to the rest of the planet.

  5. Happy thanksgiving (to all folks who don’t celebrate, well wishes still apply)

    Im thankful for the coin and this group of redditors.

    Alas, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

    I hope you all have a comfortable, safe and restful day.

  6. What is a trusted BTC paper wallet generator now a days?

    I have this stupid little 16MB flashdrive and I want to put a wallet on it and then put 5 dollars to the address. Put it in an envelope that says do not open until 2042 and forget about it.

    Then be either severely disappointed or extremely excited later in life.

  7. I’m fired up this morning. I don’t care what the fiat denominated value of Bitcoin is. This is about taking back the money. It’s about undoing a corrupt order. I’ll die on this hill.

  8. Exclusive of any fees, if one buys $100 worth of BTC at 55,000USD, that would be worth $181.82 if BTC hits $100k. Also, if one buys the same at 60,000, it would be worth $166.67.

    If you wait to buy until we get back to the ATH, that same $100 is now $144.93. Is BTC going to 100k? Duh. DCA is surely the way to go, but if you don’t have that discipline, it’s an accumulation game. If you have some fiat on the side, maybe set a limit for $500 below the current price and let it trigger. That’s a reasonable short term drop not indicative of a bigger problem. The days of buying BTC below 100k in any circumstance are numbered. It may be 6 months, it may be 6 years. But surely the time to accumulate and HODL is now.

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