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  1. Bitcoin is by far my biggest holdings, but did anyone else get sucked into other coins and you’re now waiting for this supposed “alt season” so you can sell them off and buy more Bitcoin with the profit? You live and learn, Bitcoin purchases only now the last 3 months.

  2. I wanted to share 2 stories with the sub so I’ll just post them here.

    Story 1: I went to the movies today. Before the movie, there was an ad for crypto dot com.

    The only thing about crypto was the web address at the end of the commercial. The ad had Matt Damon talking about random things and it made it seem more like a movie trailer than a commercial.

    Anyway, when the ad was over and crypto dot com popped on the screen, I heard an older lady behind me say, “Crypto dot com. I don’t know what that is.”

    In short, I was actually surprised to see that ad before a movie and I hope that for every movie-goer that says “I don’t know what that is”, that it’ll make them remember and visit it or ask about it later on.


    Story 2: I’ve been trying to get my mom’s husband to allocate to bitcoin. He has money. A large portion of his money goes toward baseball card collections. I’ve watched him go to card shows and just drop 60k on a set or card. So every time I visit them, I almost always bring it up. He doesn’t understand it so he stays away from it(in his words).

    We were watching a football game on Thanksgiving and a crypto commercial came on(can’t remember exactly but I think it was for FTX). The word crypto caught his attention and he started asking about it immediately. I was surprised again!

    In short, I think he’s coming around.

  3. I’m all for sideways and slow progression of Bitcoin in the future. Some of the Internet crystal ball wizards were calling for crazy skyrocketing prices by end of year into next year, to me that’s a bad thing. Slow and steady is better long term. Plus hopefully it would mean shorter bear markets without massive price dips or possibly none at all.

  4. Globally fiat currency backed by governments have been struggling except maybe the Bahraini Dinar. My Bitcoin from 2013 has done wonderful I’m ready for 2033 slow and steady wins this race and Bitcoin is going nowhere although governments hate that they lose control over the people passing new laws everyday to control and destroy it for the people. It was on discount at $120 and is still on discount at $55K. HOLD!!

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