Daily Discussion, November 27, 2021

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  1. Not to be “that guy” but what’s with all these people buying bullshit coins when the main prize that is BTC is right in front of their eyes? If they put their money in BTC surely it’d be at 100k by now but the dilution of crypto is the reason why it’s stuck. Go at me if I’m wrong.

  2. I decided to buy bitcoin for the first time at 1 am today, not really knowing the current state. I put in another $50 just now, now own about 0.001999 BTC. Want to put more, but I’m still a student with a part time job living in California

  3. Welp. Best I can reckon now is… either it’s up by tomarra or… ptchooooooo itll be down. Either way one things for sure it ain’t goin sideways…. unless it does. Hot damn that bitcoin does grow sideways at times but when it’s done it’s either up or down.

    Just call me PlanC

  4. My DCA day was yesterday – feels good man. I tripled up.

    My view is

    a) Omicron is as bad as some people’s worst fears, Bitcoin goes to 0, I live the rest of my life hunting game with a crossbow amongst a post apocalyptic wasteland.

    B) governments lockdown again, print a bunch more money, drive inflation up. Bitcoin recovers and is driven up even further.

    C) governments do nothing because we have good enough existing immunity. Bitcoin recovers.

    Literally cannot go tits up.

  5. ok complete conspiracy but i think the dip has to do with the announcement of the new strain. Kinda feel like some of the big players funneled their money into pharmaceutical stocks like moderna and after they make their bag there they’ll put the money back. not even just bitcoin btw ALL the coins have the same dip in their charts. nothing is a coincidence 👁‍🗨

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