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  1. How can people still think bitcoin is a scam and that it goes to 0. So let’s say in the worst case it’s overvalued and it’s going to go -99% from ATH. One coin would still hold a value of $690 which was unimaginable less than 10 years ago.

  2. Just became a whole coiner. Just needed to put this somewhere. Mental barrier surpassed. Feels crazy af. Gonna DCA weekly from here and stop caring from prices.

    Thanks for all the knowledge!

  3. updated quantamental model by adding platform customer
    in/out flows, and average miner profit margin over time. This is on top of macro,
    option flows, mining/network stats. Latest forecast while price’s at $57,530:
    neutral into end of year, maybe with slight bias to the down side, before the
    next leg of the bull market begins.
    Decision tree
    pseudo probability forecasts for the coming month: Big Bear 7%, Weak Bear 20%,
    weak Bull 4%, Big Bull 13%.
    [details of forecast method update, graphs, commentary.](

  4. And Wall Street gets to discover the inverted Bart. It looks like a gap has formed. If the gap doesn’t get filled the price rises dramatically. Although, you can’t make a statistical analysis with just one data point.

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