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  1. Bitcoin is the face of crypto. It is the one being attacked and criticized by all against crypto. Alts and shitcoins hide behind Bitcoin. It’s success gives way to entire crypto space. IF bitcoin dies, all crypto will die. Bitcoin is fighting against FIAT. Alts fight against visa and mastercard.

  2. Reddit archives posts and comments after 6 months. So you can reply to people up until then.

    By upvoting we could even get old posts “hot” again. Would be interesting to hash out debates from older discussions

  3. When we reach $100K, we should really consider celebrating by changing the main denomination to Satoshi.

    At 100K, a BTC Satoshi = $0.001 or a tenth of a cent…

    This might ease further adoption and if exchanges adopt it, trading pairs won’t have 10 zeros behind the decimal.

  4. Does anyone else think Eric Weinstein is pissed off he can’t get a billionaire sugar daddy patron to pay for his ideas to be promoted and studied in his own personal think tank?

  5. [Updated CME Implied Sentiment]( CME traders are at a relatively optimistic mood, this has usually led to short term pullbacks in the past. However this time I think we’re unlikely to see heavy selling, due to expected energy demand spike which could be a bullish catalyst for BTC (personal opinion) on the supply side dynamics.

  6. The reason most people in silicon Valley and on Reddit and the media missed buying Bitcoin at below $1000 is that Bitcoin is based on a fundamentally right wing idea: sound money. Even if you aren’t right wing, if you vote Democrat, go and read Austrian economics, Libertarian thought and right wing discourse on monetary policy.

    There’s even a thing called Left-Libertarianism. There’s a subreddit called ModeratePolitics. Read all of it. And think deeply about it.

    I have literally spent whole afternoons sitting in my garden and just thinking about all the consequences of sound money and bitcoin.

  7. One of my best friends had a baby today. Of course my wife bought them some typical newborn baby crap. I bought the baby 100$ worth of bitcoin. What do you think the baby will appreciate more in 20 years? She’s going to HODL without even realizing it.

  8. Most people hate bitcoin because they think they missed bitcoin.

    The shoe shine guy got in early this time. That pisses a lot of people off.

    If you’re on this sub, try getting 1 at least.

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