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  1. Had to wait from Friday to today for usd funds to hit my checking account via Venmo.

    Had to send a wire first thing this morning. Ended up waiting 30 minutes on hold and got disconnected. Called back and had to wait another 30 minutes before I got through. $25 domestic fee and the wire will take 24 hours (or so) to arrive at the payee’s banking institution.

    The friction isn’t insurmountable but it’s fucking annoying. There is loss of time and money. Bitcoin and especially LN are objectively so much easier and more efficient. To more intuitive as well.

    The bitcoin network and payment stack is going to win. It’s global. It’s trustless. It’s operational 24/7. Can’t be censored. No intermediaries control funds or network parameters. Can’t wait until the rest of the world catches on and development of the network gets polished up.

  2. Anyone having trouble buying on kraken? Only getting like $75 worth, I click buy and it takes me to a screen to login to my bank, I login, and it takes me back to purchase page and it just keeps looping like this?

  3. I knew we were going to retrace when I saw newer users on here day dreaming about how rich soon they will be and how they will quit their jobs while still being insanely rich.

    Its like the uber driver talking about bitcoin signal x10

  4. I’m just going to be real with y’all and say that I took the risk of selling quite a bit at 57.5k, thinking it would retrace very soon.

    Edit: Yes, I’m okay with the tax increase from holding under a year. This year has been phenomenal.

  5. TA/chart guy chiming in with positive news.
    Still riding the green ema cloud from oct 1st.

    Also this happened October 7th. The red October 7th candle acted as the first inside candle to the October 6th green candle and we continued the inside candles until it broke 57 on the 11th.

    Today’s red candle could be setting up for a few more inside candles until we break out over 57.8, or even be the start of a 3 bar play

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