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  1. This is literally the only good decision I’ve made in my life recently. Just failed a certification exam for the second time yesterday. Seeing this do well gives me hope that I’m not a complete fuck up in life lol.

  2. Just woke up from a 2 hour nap … fell asleep watching the battle of $60k, woke up to 61,750 … I am definitely going to take all the credit for that breakthrough and say it was my nap that did it, and then I’m going to do the real hard work of taking another nap to get us past the next resistance point … gotta sacrifice for the team amiright, you can thank me later bois

  3. My little brother is 7, he unknowingly owns $1,000 worth of BTC until the year 2032, when he will be 18 years old. I pray that he will have the financial freedom I haven’t achieved yet.

  4. With this price increase I was thinking about treating myself to a high end escort. Instead I just visited the local glory hole and bought some sats with the difference.

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NFT-Powered Donations Gain Traction - Bitcoins Channel

NFT-Powered Donations Gain Traction – Bitcoins Channel

Bitcoin Price Rallied to $60K! Other Altcoins to Follow the Surge!

Bitcoin Price Rallied to $60K! Other Altcoins to Follow the Surge!