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  1. I heard today from TA-Trader that the time of 100x are over (and the hard corrections). Because of the high market cap. Like the Amazon share.

    I think he is wrong, BTC is not like gold or “Amazon”.
    I will change the world, so 100x is still highly possible!

  2. So at the moment ₿ is priced at $63,841 on Gemini and $64,300 on , for example.

    Can somebody explain why there is a price discrepancy for two widely used exchanges?

    For example, Moonpay is $66,000+ for bitcoin and they are pricing it past the All Time High. I understand that the convenience fees and processing via Credit Cards, apply pay etc, makes Moonpay the costliest choice for the sake of convenience.

    But for a $500 difference between Gemini and , I want to understand exactly what causes these smaller price gaps when purchasing bitcoin.

  3. Proof that traders are idiots….

    We were $300 away from a new ATH and they kept pushing it down to $1000 away.

    When, if they just let it run, it would have not only hit a new ATH but most likely would have triggered a shitload of buy triggers driving it up another $1000.

  4. Am i the only one who thinks these “i sold for a house” etc posts are planted in hopes of causing a dip? Like wtf would you want to put out there that you now have a bunch of money from a bunch of bitcoin you had, just seems sus af to be telling the world hey im rich af now

  5. I have [combined both supply/demand side items into one write up](, so the readers could get a better feel for the big picture. latest update includes production costs, fair valuations, sentiment mix (CME longs crowded, OTC smart money’s likely buying), option flow based forecast, and qualitative factors. Hope you guys find it useful. Current aggregate outlook is likely bullish next few days still, after that, I’d expect a pullback sooner or later from the futures positions.

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