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  1. Last night a bitcoin saved my life

    Last night a bitcoin saved my life from a broken heart

    Last night a bitcoin saved my life

    Last night a bitcoin saved my life with a song

  2. Anyone else feeling the FOMO? I feel like I need to buy before we shoot up to $100k and beyond. It’s very likely we’ll never see $50k again since it’s a trend that whenever we reclaim a previous all time high we tend to never look back.

  3. Lol I was thinking about being a degenerate and going long. Looks like bigger degenerates did so and now already getting liquidated? Lol just buy and hold on cold storage.

  4. China wake up and dump because they mad that their dictators f’ed them? Mad that the good ole USA has the most mining and starting to openly allow investment vehicles to be traded? It’s like hate fucking your ex 😂🤣

  5. So can i recover my seed phrase in this scenario:

    I stored btc on a wallet on my desktop 7 years ago. To backup my wallet i made a copy of my dat file with password protection but never recorded the seed phrase like a dumbass.

    I got rid of that computer but still have the main system hard drives with the original wallet program. Can i connect that to a working pc, boot up the wallet and extract the seed phrase?

    Added complication might be that the wallet was stored across 2 drives, one to host the wallet ui software and 1 to hold all the blockchain data.

  6. I have a question about Bitcoin mining : I know we are taking centuries or whatever long time from now, but once all Bitcoins are mined, what will be the incentives for computers or miners to keep this thing going ? I hope I am asking this correctly or making sense?

    That is, why pay huge amounts of electricity to keep the currency network operating when there is no incentive?

What do you think?

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