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  1. My understanding is that no one can tell that two addresses are held/owned by the same wallet unless they were transactions made at the same time (or came from the same addresses)

    So, if I bought BTC in 2016 from one exchange and never touched it, and then again bought BTC in 2020 from a different exchange, nobody can see they’re stored by the same wallet?

    If I wanted to claim to someone/an agency that I lost access to the crypto in 2017, and only recovered it say, in 2022 at which point I decided to sell, can anybody except me tell it was being held in the same wallet as the BTC purchased in 2021?

  2. I picked a random day in April when things were hot and the Daily Discussion here had 2300ish comments. There are 307 comments or so today. My point is that nobody is really talking about Bitcorn today compared to then. Retail hasn’t caught the fever yet, this run. Imagine what the price will be when there is that same kind of enthusiasm with the public. What will the price be when we’re back up to over 2K comments for this Daily Discussion thread. You get what I’m saying here??

  3. I kind of don’t like how reddit censors out the down voted bear comments. We should be able to have a balanced discussion and at least be able see what the rebuttals to the bear comments were. Alot of it is more valuable content than some of the bulls going “ooh ah moon lambo number go up”

  4. Currently reading The Bitcoin Standard. I’ve thought it’s mostly excellent so far until the chapter on time preference. Seemingly out of nowhere the author starts making personal attacks on Keynes’ character and morals, that IMO hurt his argument against him that sounded much better when restricted to economics. Then he goes on a rant for pages about how modern art is trash. He literally rails against Miley Cyrus twerking. He really seems to have lost control of himself here, very strange. I have to say that my opinion of the author is lowered, can’t help but suspect now that he is largely pushing his own morals/philosophy, and even on economics which I know nothing about, I’m gonna be taking everything he says with a small dose of skepticism. Shame he couldn’t keep it professional/detached, if in tone only.

  5. I think this is a time to be cautious. I have been in btc for a few cycles now and I am seeing the same levels of exuberance right before btc comes crashing down. I know being a bear will get me downvotes but I have seen so many newbies get rekt at the end of the bull cycle and hate btc afterwards. I will be converting my profits to cash for possible dips. In addition, I will be investing a little into the uranium sector, which is heating up at the moment. However, I am not selling everything because there could be another run up before the blow off top. Stay safe out there and may the gains be with you.

  6. I have a super old wallet but I don’t remember the password. I still have the JSON file somewhere. Any way to at least extract the wallet address to check the balance? It’s most likely empty but I’d like to make sure.

  7. I feel like I have an intermediate-level understanding of Bitcoin’s technical aspects, but man does Lightning continue to confound the hell out of me. At least when I’m trying to set up my own node and/or manage channels.

  8. Guys I think its about time we admit its just not going to work out. I sold it all. The sooner we are all honest with each other, the better. Its been a good run. We can look back on how fun all of this was… lets not ruin it with near sighted foolishness. The fiat money system is doomed so why continue to hold cash? BTC only

  9. I’m more inclined to think we hold these levels as support than not. Bitcoin is mighty bullish right now. DCAing while we’re down here, but limit orders ready if we drop more.

  10. Currently watching Inside Job. I remember watching it years ago and my main thought throughout was ‘fucking scumbags’.

    Now after years of learning in bitcoin it’s ‘I understand every word they are saying but they are still fucking scumbags’.

    Edit: Fuck derivatives.

  11. Guys, you’ve got to help me. Why does Michael Saylor keep saying rich people will need your bitcoin for a certain time? Collateral? I just dont get it why they would want it and how is the hotel comparison relevant?

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Mastercard is reportedly planning to allow banks and merchants on its network to offer crypto services.

Mastercard is reportedly planning to allow banks and merchants on its network to offer crypto services.

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Nigerian Court Orders the Reopening of Two Bank Accounts Used for Crypto Trading