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  1. What are your thoughts on mtgox? if that many BTCs are going to surface on the difference exchanges, there’s a high chance this will cause a big dip, which will continue to trigger selloffs.

  2. Plan B has to be sweating right now. Will BTC just barely cling to the very outside of two standard deviations away from his projected average? Stay tuned next week to find out!

  3. Trying to cut my ties to Coinbase. Which exchange do you guys recommend for buying and withdrawing? Gemini ActiveTrader, Kraken Pro, Strike, or Bisq? I’m in the US, and I typically do buys of $1k at a time

  4. I am in the departures lounge and I heard the people at the next table talking about gold and silver and then sure enough I heard the word bitcoin. I took off my headphones to eavesdrop on them properly. One of them explained to the others that he had mined 5 or 6 coins on the dark web 15 years ago. He went on a long ramble, bitcoin was originally private and was only made public 5 years ago, he had 200 coins at one point but lost them and only had 10 or 12 left on a hard drive somewhere, he needed to check.

    A load of bullshit obviously and I wonder if there was any grain of truth in anything he said, if he ever owned any coins. One of the other people at the table said that he had once passed up on an opportunity to buy coins at 30 cents each.

  5. I have used a ledger nano x for a few years because I don’t own or need a computer. I set it up with my iPhone and things have been good aside from not being able to update my firmware. I’ve been eying Trezor anyways but I don’t know if a computer is required or not

  6. Had to pickup some cash from an ATM in a foreign country (both EU, both €, both in SEPA, where I was and where I am from), it was 20€ cash, payed 2€ provision to Spanish bank, and 6€ to German bank. Fucking banks.
    It doesn’t really have to do anything with bitcoin, but I had to let it out. And it’s the thing that BTC should solve. So fuck the banks again. 😂

    BTC FTW.

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