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  1. what do you do if:

    1. Satoshi wallet moves coins? (responding by never happening is lazy)
    2. An alt coin MC exceeds BTC?

    I really want to know the psyche of a maxi under such circumstances.

  2. Does anyone remember the name of the effect of inflation where it benefits the money printers and those close to them, while harming everyone else the further they are downstream of that new money as it’s spent (most of all, the poor)?

    I feel like this is some Mandela effect type shit, I KNOW I heard a specific term for this but I can’t remember what it was and Google is terrible for this.

  3. Ford’s Energy Currency

    99 years ago, Henry Ford, one of the greatest businessmen of all time, planned the development of an “Energy Currency” to replace gold. Ford’s goal was to end wars which he argued were centered around the control of money.

  4. Evergrande bonds are collapsing . It’s equivelent to China’s Lehman Brothers crisis. Lehman Brothers was $60 Billion, Evergrande is $300+ Billion. Their bonds were just lowered by a Chinese rating agency & are no longer able to access the repo market. Beijing won’t bail them out.

    A company overseas (from me) could destroy god know what with a crash. Imagine being short Bitcoin rn lmao.

  5. Now the politicians are squawking about wash sale rules for crypto. What a bunch of nonsense. Cryptocurrencies are not stocks or bonds. They are currencies. With their wash sale nonsense, they want to turn BTC aka hard money into a security. They have lost their minds. First it was the crazy last minute addition of a nonsensical tax rule to the infrastructure bill and now this. Who elected these people. BTW the wash sale rule for stocks suck.

  6. What initially got you seriously into Bitcoin? I will admit for me it was the Tesla purchase that caught my attention. After that, I discovered Michael Saylor and that pretty much sent me on my journey deeper into the rabbit hole.

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