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  1. TIL Bitcoin has already traded for more hours than the S&P 500 index, which launched in 1957.

    Yet the world still thinks Bitcoin hasn’t “matured” enough yet to be an asset class.

  2. How comes when I’m sending money from my coin base account to my ledger that the amount goes up. For instance if I send five dollars the amount that’s actually getting transferred is $8.xx???

    If this is the case I’m just getting charged for the transfer, is it smart thing to transfer all of it at once?

  3. So why doesnt every millionary want at least 0.1 BTC? (Which would already be impossible)

    Millionaires love money, and they could afford a whole lot of BTC. So why not buying at least a little bit, to be in the game?
    I mean, every millionaire has heard about BTC by now… so come on..

  4. Bitcoin is a decentralised, disruptive, 24/7 usable, borderless, immutable, censorship-resistant, P2P digital cash that will include the excluded in the monetary system. Waiting for $1M per coin 🙌🏻

  5. Do scammers on Youtube not know common last names? Every single fake name is just two first names: Mark Samuel or Lisa Helen or Troy William or John Andrew or Mike Peter etc, lol

    One person could have that name, but when a comment chain has dozens of those people, it’s clearly just scammers

  6. Everyone:

    Be sure to download the Chivo wallet from the app/play store and give it a rating. It needs support from the community

    It’s mostly being hit by negative politically related reviews that don’t have anything to do with Bitcoin or the wallet itself

  7. Somewhere, at some point, when you ain’t looking, and things are good, but it’s not expected, so you aren’t feeling it, though rumors persist to the contrary, however bad it looked before, even though there was a drop, or a crab walk… Bitcoin will still Bitcoin

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Bitcoin and Ethereum Recover, ADA, XRP, SOL, DOT, and DOGE Rally

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