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  1. Hello,

    Please could someone tell me where BTC’s monetary value comes from?

    Would it be worth anything if you couldn’t sell it for FIAT?

    I feel like it’s value is based purely on how much it’s worth in USD, GBP etc, that’s why we all want it to hit 100k in fiat value – so we can make a profit …. In FIAT.

  2. Wider contagion from Evergrande incoming? Global market liquidity squeeze? That has in the past led to a Bitcoin price decline, even if it is followed by a greater Bitcoin pump.

    Anyone for brief drops to $30k again before moon?

  3. Plan B guy said September may see 42-43 range before going up in Oct-Nov-Dec. He said this stuff when BTC was mid 30s. Because I have no one else to believe I then say he is right so I’m happy. Buy the dip and enjoy later cheers.

  4. Can someone explain this Evergrande shit to me like I am a 10 year old? Before telling me to go search on Google, I did, and all I read was articles about the bankruptcy of the biggest real estate company in China… how is this affecting crypto ??

  5. If you’ve been around longer than one summer you’ve seen multiple black swan events and nothing really happens. More money is created and governments pretend they’ve got control. It will be business as usual. More stimulus, more wealth created for a few.

    Bitcoin was invented for this.

  6. I have bitcoin on my Apple stock ticker in the widgets bar, so I get related Apple News underneath. The headlines lately have been a constant stream of FUD. Right now the top three are:

    E-waste from every two bitcoin transactions is the equivalent of throwing away an iPad

    Bitcoin transactions could generate the weight of 128,000 grand pianos in wasted electronics every year, researchers predict

    Bitcoin slides on environmental concerns but backers hope for a $100k high

    So transparently obvious what the media are trying to do.

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