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  1. Of course it bounced back up after I put a short position on. You can all thank me now. Lol. Just not sure if I should pull it off now or leave overnight. Seems like it’s been taking overnight so I might leave on.

  2. Just smoke and mirrors to scare the hell out of everyone to sell their crypto and the rich can buy it much cheaper. They still want a cheaper buy in price. Many missed $29k this time around but I don’t think it’ll dip under $40k again 🚀

  3. This guy frank giustra is a blithering idiot 😂😂😂 god he must have been polishing his gold all his life and now that btc has arrived he’s all twisted because he’s old and this isn’t his generation .

  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m not very bitcoin-savvy. I received a Discord message that seemed scammy, saying that I’d won a fair amount of Bitcoin through a website called Niaxbit, and I had to make an account and enter the code they gave. I figured I’d go through the steps as long as they didn’t ask for personal info, and used a backup email to sign up. I entered the code, and it said I had the Bitcoin, but I also checked some of the site info. The domain had only been registered a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t remember entering a giveaway.

    Let me know if this is legit and not actually a scam, but I figured it was a scam and wanted to share in case anyone had received similar messages, as a sorta warning of what I’d found.

  5. Every bitcoin class is tested one way or another. This is the first real test for the class of 2020. Many thought we’d be well past 100k by now, yet here we are.

    No one said 200% compounded annually is linear, we might be flat this year and up 500% the next. The only certainty is we are all in for the ride of our lives. You really have to be in bitcoin for more than money, the success will follow 👍🚀

  6. Everyone is always wanting to buy the bottom I think because that’s more socially acceptable but personally I wish I sold at 64k and 51k so I could buy the bottom. How do you know when to sell the top? When the Whales move BITCOIN to the exchanges? If we could follow the Whales we would all be rich.

  7. Even if it drops to the high 20s or low 30s. BTC at this time 1 year ago was trading at around 10.5k Bitcoin is the best savings account. Meanwhile everybody else got screwed by inflation by holding their life savings in MM accounts. Prices have really gone up these last couple of years, yet BTC hodlers are still coming out ahead.

  8. Dammit boys I’m not real certain about anything short term, long term I’m solid. I feel like these guys driving the price down should have run out of steam by now but they are like the damn energizer bunny 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I feel like on the hour we should have a big push… which way who knows but that’s just if it follows trend, RSI on the 4 hr is in single digits, not that that really matters lol

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