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  1. If the BTC-ETF is coming in October 2021 than we will go up to 60-70k. The price right now will be dreamland!

    I am out of Fiat right now. But everyone how is liquid should buy as much as possible.

    Presidential advice;P

  2. Michael Burry is wrong about Bitcoin. If mass inflation does take place, limited supply commodities will explode in value, and that includes store of value and strong use case cryptos.

  3. I dont quite understand the concept of exchanges ?

    Is it like 10 different shops all who allow me to buy bitcoin in £s and then I have my bitcoin which can be transferred in and out of various bit coin wallets but when I want to sell the bitcoin for £s I can use anyone one or those shops?

    Or is it like once I buy bitcoin from one exchange (shop) i can only transfer to other wallets who bought from that shop and can only cash out at that shop?

  4. I bought all my BTC on Coinbase and which are KYC and transferred it directly to my Ledger wallet. If the US govt eventually wants to track down BTC holders they could conceivably get that information from the exchanges and know exactly what I have. Should I send it to another wallet so I have plausible deniability that I still hold them or do you think claiming a boating accident is good enough?

    Also I know everyone here is willing to hold them for me so no need to suggest it.

  5. anyone able to or willing to go out and buy/hand out food to the homeless people nearby in the name of crypto for the homeless? Assuming you document everything with pictures (including receipt and printed out flyers) you will be reimbursed for the cost of food in crypto!

  6. Almost took my first profits ever in 5 years at 40k yesterday, only because I barely have any fiat left and can’t afford to hold through bear market without taking some profits. Anyways, couldn’t sell any because Celsius wouldn’t let me transfer my coins for 24 hours, was pissed at the time but kinda thankful now lol

  7. I don’t think this rally will last that long. I would love if it did though.

    Where did everyone looking for a bigger dip go? 2 days it was all about a dip here and today it’s all about FOMO or enjoying the small surge.

  8. Man… was so close to selling at 50.. thinking it’ll drop and I’d take the profits and buy back in.. then I almost sold at 45, thinking shit, might be able to buy back in at a lower average then I have now (34k)…. Needless to say; I’m glad I did not execute this thought process. This noob is learnin a thing or two. 👌🏾

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