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  1. Question: Which Wallet for BTC? Looking for recommendations based on the below.

    -New user looking to diversify into crypto and specifically BTC; Educating myself but definitely not up to speed.

    -Would probably want a security focussed wallet on a home based format and a portable wallet on a phone device for minor transactions and QR codes.

    My hardware: I have a variety of windows pcs, android devices, Apple MacOS laptops and iOS phones.

    I have heard Electrum for MacOS is fine.

    Any tips or good practice pointers for securely setting up wallets and avoiding early pitfalls very welcome.

    Thank you Reddit.

  2. Btc has shown just how resilient it is this year. Incredible external factors and FUD, with corresponding dips some being more dramatic than others, yet always an “unexpected” bounce back to a path toward new all time highs.

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