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  1. Im out for now. The way I see it, it could go either way before the end of the year. If its going to 100k plus then it will have to break the all time high and at that point I’ll jump back in. Or maybe even if it breaks the 55k mark. For now though it looks dodgy.

  2. Bitcoin maxies – Screw Chyna for banning Bitcoin. Also Bitcoin maxies- SEC please ban all other crypto projects.🤔 Double standard much? I have both Bitcoin and Ethererum but this maximalisam is terrible. It divided ppl. I also hate some other coins simply because they are more centralised but begging government to ban other projects is not the way to go. If you innovate enough, market will wiped out other projects overtime.

  3. My brother passed away a few years ago and a friend reached out and said he had Bitcoin in a wallet on his laptop. Is there a company or anyone who can get into his wallet without his phrase?

  4. Next month im getting a nice bag fiat. I know you can’t time this market, but China FUD gives a nice discount. Buy now and replace fiat next month or wait? YES i want financial advice.

  5. I don’t really get why no one understands that Plan B’s models are a general blueprint, not a prediction of exact prices at exact times.

    No one ever says a word about the fact that the price has extended far past the top of the line multiple times, and yet now that it’s slightly below, the whole model is supposedly on the verge of being invalidated?

    It could spend another year below the 100k line, and still be valid if it spends some time above the line before the next halving cycle.

  6. I absolutely love Bitcoin, but some of you dudes in Twitter Voice Chat Spaces are really far out there. Some of you just say really weird pseudo-philosophical/intellectualism shit.

What do you think?

Advast: an antivirus software also being anti Bitcoin. What’s there motivation for this? So much to unwrap here.

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