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  1. I am experimenting lighting


  2. I don’t understand the emphasis on waiting the dip to buy. The difference between 37 k, 43k, or 50k is negligible once BTC start reaching values of 100k, 150k. Trying to play wall street wolf placing orders at 5% it’s ridiculous if a long term investment is in your mind. Buy now

  3. My dad thinks it’s game over for Bitcoin because China, the world’s most influential county which soon will overtake US banned it. He also thinks CCP can easily save Evergrande from their “small financial problem”. How can I save him?

  4. From boomers, wealth simply has to go to the millennials somehow

    And I see it going through these industries
    (disruptor stocks, healthcarem ARKK) And a big slice of this cake will be bitcoin

    There is no god what this imaginary wealth is in the Boomers (or 65-70% of all savings) would just go to the grave with them.

    And I think it’s busy bringing in very rough inflation

    And it is important that this can be reflected in asset prices, especially those that young people are now taking

    Technology disruptor companies, ARKK, Bitcoin

    I just can’t imagine that e.g. Bitcoin should not reach the majority of all savings from current levels in the coming years

    By the end of all the macro analysis i do the result is that, no matter how many macro analyzes I’m reading
    it seems that bitcoin is a channel or black hole that will suck in all the savings and result in a transfer of wealth will be carried out from boomer generation to millenials

  5. I almost jumped into a conversation between my girlfriend and her aunt. Her aunt was telling her to buy gold and silver. She is 75 years old. I resisted because I know my girlfriend knows better.

    I felt justified after her aunt said do you know that silver is more expensive than gold right now? I sat back and smiled and made sure my girlfriend knew better than that afterwards. She said I know BITCOIN.

  6. We have to wait till bloody September is over. Oct. 1st is the new beginning. I think $37k and more blood this week before we really take off. 1 more week of dangerous volatility, then we moon.

  7. Most countries on the planet right now: Doing anything to appear to be more open, democratic, advanced, woke, etc.

    China: Reasserts its totalitarian authority by banning internet gaming, bitcoin, and effimate men.

  8. Kids don’t waste your time going to school, do what I did ,go scallop fishing… free room and board, free meals and shit tons of money that you’ll have absolutely no time ashore to spend and then …you guessed keep buying yourself some BTC and put it on ice.

  9. There is a good chance with the exchange/Huobi news market participants expect that we reached peaked fear/seling at this current downtrend. And after everybody saw how strong 41k support is buyers came in who were bearish before and we go up hard

  10. I would like to allocate about 20% of my investment portfolio to btc and other crypto (about $20k). Is it better to buy in all at once like… now? Or say over the course of 3 months to DCA?

  11. Coinbase Vs Celsius for staking? As a miner/investor/HODLer I am keen to stake my crypto to earn some compound rewards – does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with the above companies staking??

  12. Do yo know what is the best opportunity to buy? When somebody must sell even if he doesn’t want… I’m ready with 7,000 dollars. Let’s see the price action today and tomorrow…

  13. So, those people who performatively panic 8 times a day (“WTF, aLwAyS rEd”, “minus 800% chance it stays above 9k this time” or whatever”)…

    Is it really just because they sold low and now really wants the price to go down, so they can buy back? (although, why their comments would help make that happen, is beyond me).

    Or is it just boring trolling, that’s so poorly executed that it resembles caricature more than real trolling?

    Or something else I just isn’t stupid enough to understand?

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