Dave Ramsey makes fun of Jack Dorsey and JayZ’s Bitcoin Academy. Dave’s take on Bitcoin will age like milk.

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  1. Nah…give him a couple years. If he buys in, ppl will look to him like some authority like they do the other dumbshits….gary vee, kevin o’ leary, that belfort con. Lol shits hilarious.

  2. >It ain’t so much men’s ignorance that does the harm as their knowing so many things that ain’t so.

    Unfortunately Mr. Ramsey knows a lot about Bitcoin that ain’t so. He would need to relearn a lot of things correctly, but he’s not motivated to do so because the opinions he has formed already fit nicely with what he wants to believe.

    This is essentially where much of the population is. They hear incorrect things about Bitcoin, form opinions based on what they think they know and cling tightly to those opinions because they’re comfortable.

  3. Idk why people have such a rage boner for Dave Ramsey.

    The dude’s advice is catered to people with zero financial literacy who are drowning in debt. No, you shouldn’t be investing in Bitcoin if you are teetering on financial ruin.

    A financially stable person hating on Dave Ramsay is like a normal weighted person hating on a fat camp instructor. Just shut the fuck up already.

  4. This video is such a bad take from him. They’re actually making fun of children’s education on topics such as financial literacy. You see – if people grow up economically and financially literate they’d have no need for people like Dave Ramsay.

  5. I use to like Dave Ramsey. This was back in maybe 2013…. I agree with him on not having debt. That’s about it.

    If you’ve seen his show once you’ve seen it as many times as you need to. Everything he says is redundant. I skimmed the video and once I heard him say the stock market and track record I had to cut it off. Can’t hear that again.

  6. Dave Ramsey has helped more people than most, and his financial peace university is very very good.

    Is he wrong about bitcoin? I believe so.

    But the man has built a very valuable business debt free, slowly and steadily, and he has done more to help people escape the system than BTC has or any other program has that I can think of, so do not bash him.

    Also I hate that Jay Z is involved in anyway with BTC or an academy.

    As he often says, “he doesn’t take financial advice from broke people lol”

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