Daz 3D Breaks the Mold With Head-Turning NFT Collection

Daz 3D Breaks the Mold With Head-Turning NFT Collection

Non-Fungible People, a generative 8,888 NFT collection of hyper-realistic 3D avatars with unprecedented utility for the metaverse and beyond.

Daz 3D, a leader in 3D humanoid and avatar tech, today announced the launch of a new NFT collection Non-Fungible People. This utility-rich collection of 8,888 stunningly 3D rendered, algorithmically generated female and some non-binary PFP NFTs features artwork created by Daz 3D’s award-winning international community of female, male and non-binary artists. The collection will be available in an initial pre-sale coming soon.

Jessica Rizzuto, SVP of e-commerce at Daz 3D, said,

“This collection portrays powerful, self-expressive women with hyper-realistic 3D art that’s more than just a gorgeous PFP image. Our Non-Fungible People are ready to be used in streams, videos, games and beyond. As an NFT community member, I know that both women in tech and utility for NFTs are rare, and that’s why I’m so enamored with this collection. Non-Fungible People is focused on empowering women and further NFT utility across the metaverse.”

Each Non-Fungible People PFP comes paired with a full-body 3D model for frictionless use in Daz Studio, featuring the same cutting-edge tech powering the transportable utility seen in RTFKT’s CloneX collection.

With the near-limitless potential for customization and the ability to export the model to popular 3D platforms like Unity, Unreal, Blender and more, this launch supports a new evolution of utility and collectability in the NFT space.

Ty Duperron, chief operating officer at Daz 3D, said,

“NFTs are all about the technology and utility driving the project. You see that in the popularity of generative PFP collections, where both technology and art guide the creation of the piece. Using an NFT as a profile picture for Twitter and other social spaces gives people ownership of their digital persona while applying value and utility to the NFT.

At Daz, we recognized we could take that a step further in a truly generative, fully realized 3D collection created using our technology. By leveraging our software, holders can freely move their avatars to different outputs and uniquely express themselves with their Non-Fungible People.”

Beyond enhancing NFT utility, the collection serves to highlight individuality, diversity and empowerment among women and non-binary individuals in technology. A percentage of initial NFP sales will be donated to causes with a focus on female representation in tech fields. Daz 3D plans to provide ongoing support to these causes through community engagement.

Join the official Non-Fungible People Discord community to get regular updates on the upcoming drop, participate in the pre-sale and hang out with like-minded enthusiasts. Community members can collaborate to vote on roadmap items like charitable donations and will have the chance to enter giveaways featuring NFTs from some of the most iconic collections to date. Visit the website for the latest project developments.

About Daz 3D

Daz 3D provides a 3D marketplace and free software suite with content that can be exported into other major 3D software programs, allowing artists and designers to create high-resolution stills and animations while building professional quality 3D scenes. Founded in 2000, Daz 3D’s digital marketplace offers hobbyists and professionals tens of thousands of 3D products with over five million inter-compatible 3D assets for Daz Studio and other 3D applications.

Daz 3D has created the most artist-friendly digital marketplace, paying nearly $100 million to its global network of contributing artists. Users of Daz Studio create more than 20 million images and animations annually using Daz 3D products. With over four million downloads, Daz continues to drive efforts at the forefront of digital identity and expression. Learn more about Daz 3D here.

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