de.Social Onboards Chainlink for NFT Authenticity


de.Social has partnered with Chainlink For the verification of NFT validity. De.Social will use Chainlink’s oracle services to construct the infrastructure required to create decentralized, scalable, and hybrid smart contracts.

de.Social is a new decentralized software for producing, sharing, and exchanging one-of-a-kind content in NFTs. de.Social is changing the creative economy by delivering digital ownership to the user’s fingertips, thanks to its goal of putting the power of decentralization in the hands of artists and users.

de. Software Social’s allows users to transform unique content into NFTs at the press of a button, providing artists total control over the content monetization and bringing it close to the community.


Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracle allowing smart contracts to communicate with off-chain data and systems like online APIs, cloud providing service, smooth payment systems, and more. Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network provides tamperproof security and dependability to de.Social. Centralized oracles might be a single point of failure, putting the entire system at risk.

This single network lets developers tailor how their smart contracts interact with anything off-chain by adjusting decentralization, aggregating the data, and selecting it.

Chainlink and Integration of de.Social

Users may verify and mint the authenticity of NFTs authenticity in the de.Social network via the Chainlink interface. All the requested NFTs from the smart contracts of de.Social are verified for sensitive content validity. All NFTs need to be generated in the de.Social application. As a result, de.Social is a company that is one of the first to develop a mobile-first dApp for the purpose of NFT content production, exchange, and discovery.

Chainlink was chosen as an oracle provider by de.Social because of its commitment towards secured nature, decentralization, and vibrant ecosystem. By using Chainlink’s Any API service, de.Social’s integration of Chainlink would facilitate smart contract security, dApp scalability, and verification of the authenticity of the de.Social NFTs. de.Social will continue to push the frontiers of hybrid smart contracts and cryptocurrency media. It has plans to use external adaptors of Chainlink to authenticate Web 2.0 accounts with Web 3.0 Ethereum wallets.

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