Dear HODLers of reddit, what is one crypto project you’re enthusiastic about?

Feel free to shill one coin of your choosing so long as you actually put some decent effort to it and it isn’t with the intent of a shitty pump and dump scheme.

I’ll shill out one project I’m enthusiastic about being non other than COSMOS (ATOM).

Cosmos is a network that allows a very simple way to create Blockchains (can be done in minutes) and aims to offer complete interoperability in the crypto space. There’s no denying there are a lot of “eth killers” or smart contract Blockchains and with their creation there’s the need to connect between all these networks.
Cosmos. With the recent launch of IBC (Inter Blockchains Communication) which allows, you guessed it, communication between the different Blockchains built with the cosmos sdk (which currently includes the likes of projects like Thorchain, BNB, Terra Luna and has a combined total value of over 100 billion usd).

The network is Proof of Stake, fast and cheap to transact and has a very detailed roadmap ahead with near future plans of launching the gravity dex which will allow trading tokens from any network connected to cosmos including the etherium network, wallet that aims to include all your different digital assets in one place and much more including liquidity pools and wrapped eth and btc.

It is clear that the most important thing at this point preventing crypto from becoming more mainstream is simplicity and interoperability will simplify the process of trading and hodling crypto-currencies and as such im very bullish on it in the long term.

Note: please DYOR here’s the website if you want to read some more about the
Thx for comin to my TED talk

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  1. BAT

    1. Values Your Attention Time.
    2. You get paid in BAT tokens.
    3. Fatser browsing speeds and privacy protection.
    4. You can support content creators with BAT tokens.

  2. DRC—Dracula Protocol is pretty unknown at the moment. But I love their spunk. They also have strong partnerships, audits, and easily understood tokenomics. [Dracula Protocol V2](

    The idea is to extract value from the top yield farms by selling their tokens and buying DRC. Every yield farmer knows that when whales cash out, UNI, SUSHI, PICKLE, CAKE etc. holders suffer because of the selling pressure and lost liquidity.

    When it comes to fees, the protocol pools the gas fees for small time traders for savings via aggregation (turning many small pool providers into one big pool provider) , and automatically reap rewards either in DRC or ETH.

    DRC is basically designed as an index ETF, which tracks the performance of the top uniswap clones. Release of V2 on mainnet is coming up in a few days, which has added security and better rewards, with a huge potential upside. All the important contracts are on a 24h timelock as an anti-rug measure.

    Don’t take my word for it. Read up on it via their medium, or join our discord and experience our community. Honestly half the reason I’m invested is the devs are super active in the discord, and they’re good at communicating and keeping everyone up to date.

  3. Harmony ONE.

    Its essentially a fully functioning ETH 2.0 that has been running for multiple years and has 100% ETH compatibility. It’s the first functioning sharded Proof-of-Stake blockchain. It currently has 4 shards and each can support 500 transactions per second. They can add more shards at any time as users grow.

    Incredibly low fees (~$0.0001). 2-second transaction times. 12% APY on staking. Decentralized governance. Team of PHD engineers that have worked at Google, Apple, etc.

    Bridges to ETH and BSC complete. Bridge to BTC and others coming. Fully compatible with ETH dev tools. You can literaly port an Ethereum dApp/token to Harmony in a few minutes and have a working product.

    I’d highly recommend it to any developers of dApps/tokens that are tired of ETH gas fees. It’s incredible!

    Come join our community! [r/harmony_one](

  4. I love ALGO. Great team, and great tech. Good organic growth while announcing a lot of partnerships. More than half of the coins are already in circulation and the price has x5 in the last months. The governance plan is on it’s way and it’s going to be huge

  5. RUNE(Thorchain), super amazing with their cross chain (multichain) DEX, you swap native coins, you heard that right, like BTC (native), ETH (native), BNB (Bep-2), and much more to come. No pegged coin, No warped coins.
    For liquidity provider, RUNE also has a protection against “impermanent loss”.

    (This is my personal opinion, not financial advice) These two edges alone make RUNE has upper hand against other DEXs.
    Cheers, happy DYOR.

  6. Radix
    This project will be a game changer for defi it is the only project that will allow defi to run at a huge scale and solves all the current issues.
    -Only layer 1 protocol to solve the trilemma and keep atomic composability
    -Cassandra proof of concept network is up and running to prove this
    -Uses secure FSM components for app building which reduces the chances of rugs and exploits
    -Fast app deployment
    -Support for Eth smart contracts via Notoros
    -Practically infinite linear scalability capability
    -Lifelong royalty system for developers

  7. is a cross-chain DEX that will be dropping IDOs soon. Super undervalued.

    AdEx has a solid team and single-coin staking with 52% APY – it’s been making me free money for a while now.

  8. Solana or Terra. Upcoming blockchains building quickly with good tokenomics, good staking rewards, defi apps (Raydium, Anchor, Mirror). Terra also has a native stable coin. Neither are too widely available so lots of room to grow for both.

  9. RLY and FET are both interesting to me. RLY is Creator economy – essentially fungible rewards for twitch streamers and musicians. FET is designing machine learning apps using blockchain data to improve decentralized services management.

    If you want an overview of a lot of different projects, especially ERC20 use cases, I wrote up a guide that breaks down various major projects into different categories, here:

  10. Why DGB is a good coin to look into
    -Can handle 560 transaction/second as it’s block time is 15 seconds.
    -This is 40X faster than BTC, which can only handle 7 transaction/sec.
    -Also 10X faster than LTC

    -Very low fees for sending less than ¢1
    -Takes less than one minute to receive coins
    -Uses 5 algorithms to prevent centralization
    -Has 1000:1 ratio of BTC
    -Segwit activated before LTC & BTC
    -All 21 billion DigiByte will be mined by the year 2035.

    2035 is perfect timing for me and my kid

  11. XCUR Curate

    Online shopping marketplace app that allows you to buy with crypto. Already partnered with Travala and

    Pays out rewards in XCUR for using the platform

    Current market cap of only 52 mil

    Up 480% in the last month as people are jumping in. It’s been doing well for me and I expect it to be my best performing project this year.



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