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DeChart’s Token Sale Now Live On UniCrypt




DeChart, a real-time trading data provider for decentralized financial ecosystem (DeFi), has announced its governance token (DCH) is now for sale and live on UniCrypt, a multi-chain decentralized services, and scheduled to end on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

According to DeChart, 56,250,000 DCH tokens are expected to be sold at a price of $0.054 per DCH token. Notably, the firm announced any unsold DCH tokens of the available ones will be burnt in a program to ensure a deflationary system.

The total number of DCH tokens is 125 million, whereby they will be distributed to the community in different ways and periods. Notably, the team behind DeChart set the DCH tokens to be divided among Syrup Pool, the Initial Liquidity Pool, the Community Treasury, the Founder Pool, and the Initial Staking Pool.

DeChart has embarked on a journey to revolutionize the decentralized exchange market by providing real-time market data and also necessary tools built for decentralized financial platforms. The firm is backed by prominent entities in the cryptocurrency market including Co-founder of Mate Tokay, and investment firm Pangea Research.

DeChart seeks to ensure credibility at all costs as it helps DEX users access market data seamlessly. Moreover, the firm is built with decentralization in mind as the users through DCH tokens have the right to vote on critical system changes. “DeChart utilizes a stakeholder Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) business model by design to ensure data sets are created and governed by users,” the firm noted in a press release.




The team behind the DeChart protocol has already launched the 1st version of its trading platform. Users can now access market data as they swap between different crypto coins. “The DeChart DAO V1 trading platform is currently building trading tools that democratize an experience, previously only thought available to institutional-grade trading platforms,” the firm noted.

DeChart was developed to fill in a gap created as the decentralized exchange grew over time without providing a financial analysis mechanism. Notably, the firm essentially amalgamates the market data from decentralized exchanges into an organized, manageable, and user-friendly solution. By providing cryptocurrency traders with more information, particularly the historical data, DeChart anticipates helping users realize more gains in the future than realized in the past.

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